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Find Manufacturers Representatives and Sales Reps for Your Products & Services! Independent Sales Reps Find New Lines!

Manufacturers Representatives, Independent Sales Reps: RepHunter provides growing companies the fastest, most cost-effective way to find qualified Sales Representatives—increase revenue and expand market reach.

RepHunter finds the Manufacturer Rep more business opportunities. We have over 15 years of helping Independent Sales Reps find new lines.

Build your sales force with Independent Sales Representatives, Manufacturers Representatives, and Sales Agencies. Guaranteed to have sales reps in your industry actively seeking new lines.

Find Your Sales Rep Fast

Our innovative matching process helps manufacturers, service providers, distributors and independent sales reps find each other with ease.

The best way to build your business is Independent Sales Reps!

RepHunter makes it FAST, SIMPLE, and EASY to find your Manufacturer Representative!



RepHunter will locate independent reps with a proven track record of sales in your industry and in your desired territory. We will interview the candidates to make sure they are aware of your line specifics and potential, make a formal introduction, and guarantee appointments with reps, .

We guarantee that the defined number of hires will accept your offer, take your line, and execute your Representation Agreement.

You proactively search our online directory for reps that meet your requirements and then select reps to contact. If the rep does not respond, or is not actively seeking new commission-only lines, you may request a Rep Credit, which allows you to contact another rep.

Reps have up to 14 days in which to respond and Rep Credits must be used while your subscription is active. You may need to subscribe for additional months to request and use your Rep Credits. Otherwise, you will be able to use your remaining contact allotment any time in the future after resubscribing to a self-service plan.

New members every day — our online directory is always fresh!

And we will work hard to exceed your expectations!

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"This is a wonderful website/service and I will certainly pass the link along to anyone I think could benefit from it. We have made contact with several reps and have had much success. What a wonderful service!"