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RepHunter’s innovative matching process helps manufacturers, service providers, distributors and independent sales reps find each other with ease

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Build your sales force with Independent Sales Representatives, Manufacturers Representatives, and Sales Agencies. Find commissioned sales reps in your industry actively seeking new lines.


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RepHunter makes it easy for Manufacturer Reps to find more independent sales rep job opportunities.

Manufacturers are daily using RepHunter to expand their outside sales force with commission only sales reps like you. Since 2001, we have helped Independent Sales Reps find new product and service lines to rep in their territory.

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Grow your company fast and cost-effectively! Find qualified Sales Representatives who can grow your sales and expand your market reach.

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Build your sales force with independent sales reps, manufacturers' representatives and sales agencies. Guaranteed to have commission-only reps in your industry, actively seeking lines, who will respond to you.


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With Guaranteed Sales Rep Placement plans, we recruit independent sales reps with a proven track record for you.

We interview commission-only sales representatives in your industry and desired territory. Placement is guaranteed. Ideal when you don't have the resources for our self-service plans.

Sales Rep Management

We manage independent sales teams. Maximize the sales producing potential of your sales force using our effective sales management techniques. Use our expertise to find and work with your sales reps. Outsource your sales management function!

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"I’m so glad that you have created this service for both reps and manufacturers. I have found some really great reps over the years ... through RepHunter and access to your data base has been integral to the process of growing our business. As always, a great service!! Thank you!" - (more....)

About RepHunter

RepHunter provides manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers with experienced sales representation. We use a unique profiling system to facilitate a TARGETED SEARCH using specific criteria and our active network of independent manufacturers and sales representatives and agencies.

Our clients confirm the quality of our referrals and tell us that the candidates that we place are more productive and able to hit the ground running because of their established customer base.