RepHunter Tips and Tricks

Top Benefits From Using RepHunter

  • Schedule a Support Call. We have added to our website an integrated scheduler so that you can easily set up a call with our support staff.
  • Social Networking. RepHunter has expanded it's support for your connections via social networks. You can now enter your Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube addresses into your profile, and they will appear to other members under the appropriate conditions.
  • Rep Rating. In the initial version of the Rep Rating feature, Principals may give a star-rating to a Rep for whom they have issued or received a contact request.
  • Find My Matches. A powerful new search function named "Find My Matches" makes it easy to do a search without having to enter any search criteria. This function will automatically search based on the keywords you have entered in your profile and your selected territories.

RepHunter Tips and Tricks

  • Our TRY BEFORE YOU BUY feature offers you a no-risk way to check us out!
  • Search by Keyword with negative keywords. Place a minus immediately at the left of a keyword to exclude results containing that keyword. For example, you could search on home office but exclude copier with "-copier".
  • Multiple website addresses supported in your profile. You can enter multiple website addresses in the Website field on the Addresses page of your profile. Separate them with a space, comma, or semicolon.
  • Search within Track Contacts. Find previous contacts easier by using the Search function at the right side of the heading area.
  • RepHunter’s eGuide – Working With Independent Sales Reps Use this low-cost guide to better understand how to work with independent sales reps. If you are a new rep or want to break into the field, can be a useful way to get a leg up on the competition.View details.
  • Language Proficiency. Reps: add your language proficiency in selected international languages on the Industry Expertise page of your profile.
  • Reveal Password. If you are having trouble entering or changing your password, reveal your password so you can see what you are typing. Caution: only use this feature in a secure environment.
  • Made In USA.
    Principals: indicate on the Sales Opportunity page of your profile that 100% of your products are "Made in the USA".
    Reps: search for such Principals using this feature.
  • Rep Agencies as Principals. If you are a rep agency seeking additional find sales reps, join RepHunter as a Principal and indicate on the Sales Opportunity page of your profile that you are a Rep Agency.
    Reps: search for such Principals using this feature.
  • Receive Your Contact Requests Via Text Message. Receive your contact requests via text messages sent to your mobeile phone. Set up this feature on the My Settings page of your profile.
  • Favorites Feature. Mark members within the Search by Keywords function for future review. On the View Profile page, click the Favorite button to mark the profile. Then later, on the Search By Keywords page, check the Favorites Only checkbox to restrict your search to only your favorites, within the rest of your search criteria. One use of this feature is to have one person do the first level selection of favorites, and then allow another person in your company to make the contacts.
  • Email Format Preference. Use the Email Format Preference setting on the My Settings page of your profile to control whether RepHunter sends you email in HTML or plain text. HTML has a nicer appearance, but selecting plain text may help you to avoid issues with spam blockers.
  • Saved Search Feature. Save your search criteria to avoid having to continually re-enter the same complex searches.
  • Advanced Keyword Search Options. The keyword search feature has many built in options that you can use to fine tune your search. For instructions on these options, the "Question Mark" or the Search Tips on the Search By Keyword page.
  • Search "Pass" Button. When viewing a profile during a search, use the Pass button to mark a profile as "Not Interested" by "graying out" this member on search results to indicate that you consider this member unqualified.
  • Advanced Text Entry. Use the formatting features on the second screen of your profile to improve its appearance. Spell checking is also provided, which underlines words that may be misspelled and offers suggestions when clicked upon. To use the spell check, click the "ABC" control at the top of the text entry box.
  • Search Agents. Set up a Search Agent to automatically email you about new members according to specific keywords.
  • Average Response Time. Use this information to determine how responsive a Sales Rep is to Contact Requests. This figure gives the average number of days a Sales Rep took to respond. The calculation considers only Contact Requests issued since the July 30, 2006.
  • Track Contacts. On the Track Contacts page, be sure to click through the four tabs at the top of the table, to see the different categories.


Dear RepHunter️ Community,

At RepHunter, our mission has always been to help companies find commission-only sales reps and to assist reps in finding new products and services to sell to their buyers. As we face the global outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we remain devoted to this mission wholeheartedly.

While our employees work from home to protect their health and safety, we continue to work at full capacity. It is important for us to assure you that RepHunter’s website is up and running as usual.

We are here to help you with every problem or question you might have. As always, you can find helpful resources on our training pages and blog. We will continue to support you and your business and do what we can to help your business for the challenging times ahead.

We look forward to continuing to stand by you.

Stay safe,
The RepHunter® Team