7 Reasons to Use Independent Reps to Sell Your Products and Services

How do manufacturers’ reps achieve more sales?

With years of experience helping companies find the best sales reps to help them expand sales and speed up time to profitable market penetration, RepHunter found these seven reasons to use independent reps to be true across many industries.

  1. By multi-line selling—carrying complementary product and service lines of multiple companies—independent manufacturers representatives call on more customers within the territory than factory salespeople. Multi-line selling achieves a broader, better-defined customer base, deeper market penetration and increased sales.
  2. Reps are an immediately available sales force when you need to get your product or service to market now.
  3. Reps have an established marketing network, territory saturation, knowledge, and experience in the territory.
  4. Reps make entering new markets quick, efficient and effective.
  5. Reps provide reliable market intelligence.
  6. Because Reps are commissions-only, their motivation is higher. If you don’t succeed, they don’t succeed!
  7. Reps eliminate sales office expenses, provide a well-defined cost known in advance, and offer many additional services.

With years of experience, RepHunter can help your company to quickly expand your market penetration by providing you access to qualified independent sales reps actively looking to add new lines or services. Through our unique matching process, RepHunter enables you to build your outside sales force with independent sales representatives who have established buyers and territories.

Sign up online or call us today – toll free at 877-895-2909 – to connect with your next sales rep and achieve your sales targets.

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