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Find Manufacturers Representatives and Independent Sales Reps to build your sales force!

Our Guarantee—all of our reps are: (1) commission only independent sales reps; (2) actively seeking new lines; (3) will respond to you. The RepHunter Guarantee (more ...)

Self-Service Plan Guarantee

You proactively search our online directory for reps that meet your requirements and then select reps to contact. If the rep does not respond, or is not actively seeking new commission-only lines, you may request a Rep Credit, which allows you to contact another rep.

Reps have up to 14 days in which to respond and Rep Credits must be used while your subscription is active. You may need to pay to subscribe for additional months to request and use your Rep Credits. Otherwise, you will be able to use your remaining contact allotment any time in the future after resubscribing to a self-service plan.

Full-Service Plan Guarantee - Platinum 1 & 2

For a period of 60 days from the start of service, RepHunter via its business relationship with Modern Marketing will locate independent reps with a proven track record of sales in your industry and in your desired territory.

We will interview the candidates to make sure they are aware of your line specifics and potential and make a formal introduction. We guarantee that the defined number of hires will accept your offer, take your line, and execute your Representation Agreement ("sign").

  1. Search our database for free – find the Manufacturers Sales Reps in your industry actively seeking new lines.
    Search Tips Enter keywords to search for reps in our database. The search looks at the portion of the rep's profile where they describe their customer base.
    • Describe your customers. Examples: retail, apparel, gift shop, medical, OEM, industrial, machine, component, auto, department store, distributor, wholesale, etc.
    • Note: do not include cities or states with your keywords. Territories are not part of the keyword field and will dramatically reduce your results.
    • Once you are registered with RepHunter, you can do an Advanced Search, which allows searching by Territories and more.
    All Of The Words
    Enter one or more words. All must be present to be included in the result. For example, the search home office will find entries with both home AND office but necessarily as adjacent words.
    The Exact Phrase
    Enter quotes as part of the search. For example, "home office" (with the quotes entered) will find only entries having the exact phrase home office.
    At Least One Of The Words
    Put a comma or "OR" between the words. Either word must be present to be included in the result. For example home, office will find entries with either home OR office. Another more complex example: home office, copier will find entries with home AND office OR copier. Likewise for copier, home office.
    Word Boundaries
    The search function has been enhanced so the word boundary symbols [ and ] are no longer necessary.
    Negative Keywords
    To search for results that do NOT include a keyword (example: home office but not copier), use a minus sign immediately before the keyword you wish to omit.
    Example: home office -copier
    Explain it to me

    25-second audio

    On this page enter keywords that describe your customer base to find independent sales reps.

    In other words, ask yourself, who do you sell to? Please enter that keyword or phrase and press “go”.

    Usually the best search results come from describing your customer rather than your product. Add commas between separate keywords.

  2. Register—create your company profile to Try Before You Buy:
    • Get your free eGuide RepHunter’s Guide to Independent Sales Reps, when you complete your profile and confirm your email address within 24 hours;
    • Post our profile nationwide—globally too! One ad, any territory, any industry;
    • Reps find your attractive profile and submit their profile to you;
    • Use our Advanced Search to proactively search for the exact Reps you need;
    • Pay to subscribe only after you find we have the Reps you need.
  3. Subscribe as a Manufacturer, Service Provider, Supplier, Distributor or Broker to contact reps. Click For Subscription Pricing
Or ... we recruit reps for you with our Guaranteed Placement Plans.

Hire Sales Reps with RepHunter:

  • 100% Guaranteed to Work
  • Unlimited Telephone Support
  • Unlimited number of requests from Sales Reps
  • Search for reps before you pay to subscribe - no limit
  • Fast track searches with "Find My Matches"
  • Gets fast access to professional, commission-based sales reps
  • No hidden fees ever
  • Opt in and out as you need our service
  • In self-service plans, pay only for your subscription; no additional charges from RepHunter when rep sells for you
  • Sales Rep recruiting services available
  • Your subscription never loses any contact opportunities—all unused contact opportunities roll over into the next month or a future subscription. Use RepHunter only when you need reps!

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Free eGuide regularly sold on this site for $19.95 when you complete your profile and confirm your email address within 24 hours
Free eGuide: Complete your Profile & confirm your email address within 24 hours and get your RepHunter's Guide to Independent Sales Reps—get 16 years of expertise compressed into our easy to read guide—USD $19.95 value!

Companies Find Sales Reps at RepHunter

Manufacturer Testimonial

Member #31917
"Brenda, I thank you and for a terrific month. We have experienced some great contacts and would be thrilled to provide the following testimonial: we joined and within 48 hours had made contact with some fantastic people who we know will assist us in bringing our Boca Beth bilingual fun products into stores, schools and other institutions across the country and beyond! There is no way that as a two-person operation we could ever bring this type of exposure to established accounts in such a short amount of time. Thank you RepHunter for a fantastic and affordable opportunity to grow in sales and exposure." -

Subscription Pricing Summary, Self-Service Plans (click on Pricing Table for details)


Cancel Anytime
1st Month
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Outbound Contacts
You Can Make
1st Month
Every Month

* Unlimited Inbound Contact Requests from Reps


6 Months
$799 / 6 Months
Outbound Contacts
You Can Make
96 / 6 Months
* Unlimited Inbound Contact Requests from Reps


1 Year
$999 / 12 Months
Outbound Contacts
You Can Make
240 / 12 Months
* Unlimited Inbound Contact Requests from Reps

Subscription Plans Include these 10 Benefits:

  1. Unlimited toll-free telephone support
  2. Daytime chat support with top-notch customer service
  3. Contact Request Rollover - never lose a contact opportunity
  4. Unlimited contacts from sales reps
  5. Unlimited number of searches, territories and markets
  6. Anytime cancellation or subscription deactivation
  7. Reactivate your subscription at any time for $99
  8. You control your sales opportunity postings
  9. Email reminder before automatic renewals
  10. Download your contact history

How It Works

  1. Search For Outside Sales Reps
    1. Click > Find Sales Reps, then Click > By Keyword.
    2. Enter a keyword that describes the business of the customer where you want the Reps to sell.
    3. Click View from the Search Results page.
    4. Pick the best Reps for your company.
    5. Click the Contact button for each Rep
    6. Use the contact information.
  2. Reps Find You
    1. Your profile will be visible to Reps.
    2. While your subscription is in effect, an unlimited number of Reps may contact you.
    3. You can find who is contacting you by clicking on your Track Contacts page.
  3. We Give You Tips For Working With Reps
    1. The Best Way to Place Reps – A Three-Step Process.
    2. How To Create a Professional Impression
    3. Secret to Success: Patience and Persistence
    4. Don't be Cheated: Use a Letter-of-Intent
    5. How to Set Commission Amounts
    6. How to Provide Samples to Reps and Get Them Back
    7. How to Use Contracts and Exclusives
    8. What if a Rep responds "Not A Match?"

Find Commission Sales Reps at RepHunter—Guaranteed!

We have listings for 1099 and commission based sales reps in a wide array of businesses, industries, sectors, and products. Our qualified reps already have a relationship with buyers in your industry. They use RepHunter as a tool to get more products and services in front of their buyers. We have reps throughout North America and abroad in industries including but not limited to the following:

  • Manufacturing, OEMs, Industrial & Industrial Equipment
  • Agriculture, Agricultural Supplies & Equipment
  • Automotive & Automotive Aftermarket Parts, Automotive OEMs, Automobile Dealers
  • Mining, Steel Mills
  • Petroleum, Oil & Gas
  • Distributors, Wholesale, Transportation
  • Aerospace, Government, Military, Municipality
  • Utilities, Green Energy, Waste Management, Public Administration
  • Construction, Builders, Architects, Building Supply, Electrical, Wholesale LED Lighting
  • Apparel, Clothing & Fashion Lines, Sportswear, Boutiques, Jewelry
  • Beauty Supplies, Cosmetics, Skin Care, Healthy Living, Spas
  • Food Service, Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops, Broker Sales Agents, Wine & Beer Industries
  • Hotel & Motel, Hospitality, Entertainment, Casinos
  • Furniture, Home Furnishings
  • Medical, Dental, Surgical, Chiropractors, Wellness, Health Care, Hospitals, Medical Devices & Equipment, Pharamceuticals, Veterinarians
  • Information Technology, Software, Computer & Technology
  • Insurance, Professional Management, Finance, Financial Services
  • Sporting Goods, Recreation, Outdoor, Golf Clubs, Fitness Centers, Hunting, Fishing, ATV, UTV, Power Sports, Motorcycle, Marine
  • Retail & Wholesale Gifts, Giftware, Book, Hardware, Office Supply Stores
  • Retail & Big Box Stores, Department Stores, Grocery, Supermarkets, Drug, C-Stores, Truck Stops
  • Schools, Education, Colleges
  • Museums, Galleries, Zoos, Aquariums, Theme Parks