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Independent Sales Rep Jobs

Find Manufacturers & New Lines with our powerful search technology.

Sales Reps and Manufacturers Reps find new product lines today. Search for new sales repping opportunities by keywords, target market, or product lines. We have a huge database of companies actively seeking reps.

Grow your independent sales rep business and increase your profits! Search for new lines by keyword and find outside sales rep job opportunities in your territory or in your industries. Or even find rep agencies or rep groups you can join!

With full control over your sales profile, it's simple to increase your visibility, update your product lines or target markets, and make other changes at any time, 365 days a year.

Our process is as easy as ① - ② - ③. Just post your industry expertise on our website and interested principals will contact you!

  1. Search our database – see the Principals we have in your industry.
  2. Register – increase your visibility in your industry by posting your industry expertise.
  3. Contact for free – our service is always completely free for reps! No upsells; no hidden fees, ever.

It’s free for reps– if you are not in RepHunter, you are missing out!

Let RepHunter help you find the perfect independent sales rep job that will allow you to start building lines in any or all of these industries: Agriculture, Apparel, Automotive and Aftermarket Parts, Beauty and Cosmetics, Broker Sales Agents, Clothing and Fashion Lines, Computer and Technology, Construction and Building Supply, Distributors, Educational, Entertainment, Finance and Financial Services, Food Service and Restaurant, Furniture, Gifts and Giftware, Golf Clubs, Health Care, Home Furnishings, Hospitality, Hospitals, Hotel and Motel, Industrial Equipment, Information Technology, Insurance, Jewelry and Wholesale Jewelry, LED Lighting, Manufacturing, Medical Devices and Equipment, Mining, OEM, Pharmaceutical, Professional Management, Public Administration, Real Estate, Recreation, Rental, Retail, Software, Sporting Goods, Sportswear, Transportation, Utilities, Waste management, Wholesale, or Wine and Beer Industries.

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Just enter a keyword to the right that describes your product lines or customers' business (who you sell to) and click "Search for Principals".
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On this page enter keywords that describe your customer base to find sales opportunities.

In other words, ask yourself, who do you sell to? Please enter that keyword or phrase and press “go”.

Usually the best search results come from describing your customer rather than your product. Add commas between separate keywords.

  • Examples of keywords describing a market you want to sell to: retail, apparel, gift shop, medical, OEM, industrial, machine, component, auto, department store, distributor, wholesale, etc.
  • Note: do not include cities or states with your keywords. Territories are not part of the keyword field and will dramatically reduce your results.
  • Once you are registered with RepHunter, you can do an Advanced Search, which allows searching by Territories and more.
Search Tips
Enter keywords to search for principals in our database. The search looks at the portion of the principal's profile where they describe their Product Lines, Target Markets, and the Sales Opportunity.


All Of The Words
Enter one or more words. All must be present to be included in the result. For example, the search home office will find entries with both home AND office but necessarily as adjacent words.

The Exact Phrase
Enter quotes as part of the search. For example, "home office" (with the quotes entered) will find only entries having the exact phrase home office.

At Least One Of The Words
Put a comma or "OR" between the words. Either word must be present to be included in the result. For example home, office will find entries with either home OR office. Another more complex example: home office, copier will find entries with home AND office OR copier. Likewise for copier, home office.

Word Boundaries
The search function has been enhanced so the word boundary symbols [ and ] are no longer necessary.

Negative Keywords
To search for results that do NOT include a keyword (example: home office but not copier), use a minus sign immediately before the keyword you wish to omit.
Example: home office -copier

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