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  1. Search RepHunter and find manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, and distributors actively seeking independent, commission-only sales reps in your industry and area.
    Search Tips Enter keywords to search for principals in our database. The search looks at the portion of the principal's profile where they describe their Product Lines, Target Markets, and the Sales Opportunity.
    • Describe your customers. Examples: retail, apparel, gift shop, medical, OEM, industrial, machine, component, auto, department store, distributor, wholesale, etc.
    • Note: do not include cities or states with your keywords. Territories are not part of the keyword field and will dramatically reduce your results.
    • Once you are registered with RepHunter, you can do an Advanced Search, which allows searching by Territories and more.
    All Of The Words
    Enter one or more words. All must be present to be included in the result. For example, the search home office will find entries with both home AND office but necessarily as adjacent words.
    The Exact Phrase
    Enter quotes as part of the search. For example, "home office" (with the quotes entered) will find only entries having the exact phrase home office.
    At Least One Of The Words
    Put a comma or "OR" between the words. Either word must be present to be included in the result. For example home, office will find entries with either home OR office. Another more complex example: home office, copier will find entries with home AND office OR copier. Likewise for copier, home office.
    Word Boundaries
    The search function has been enhanced so the word boundary symbols [ and ] are no longer necessary.
    Negative Keywords
    To search for results that do NOT include a keyword (example: home office but not copier), use a minus sign immediately before the keyword you wish to omit.
    Example: home office -copier
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    On this page enter keywords that describe your customer base to find sales opportunities.

    In other words, ask yourself, who do you sell to? Please enter that keyword or phrase and press “go”.

    Usually the best search results come from describing your customer rather than your product. Add commas between separate keywords.

  2. Register—create your sales rep profile for free.
  3. Contact—companies hiring sales reps plus they will find and contact you!

RepHunter Benefits for Sales Reps:

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  • Fast track "Find My Matches"
  • International online exposure
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  • RepHunter advertises for you! We find companies seeking reps.
  • Powerful search tool helps you quickly find sales opportunities
  • RepHunter’s recruiters use this database everyday

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  • Certain passwords are not allowed. For example, all of the same character, or your name or email address.

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All RepHunter positions are for 100% Commissioned, Independent Sales Reps.

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"I am currently an independent rep using RepHunter. So far, it's been GREAT! I have located many new lines, and am making a much greater income than I ever did when I was with a rep group!" -

Outside Independent Sales Reps – the BEST way to build your business!

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Find Commission Sales Rep Jobs at RepHunter!

RepHunter has businesses, distributors and manufacturers hiring independent sales reps in all territories and industries—if you are a sales rep in any of the following markets, we have businesses looking for you!

  • Manufacturing, OEMs, Industrial & Industrial Equipment
  • Agriculture, Agricultural Supplies & Equipment
  • Automotive & Automotive Aftermarket Parts, Automotive OEMs, Automobile Dealers
  • Mining, Steel Mills
  • Petroleum, Oil & Gas
  • Distributors, Wholesale, Transportation
  • Aerospace, Government, Military, Municipality
  • Utilities, Green Energy, Waste Management, Public Administration
  • Construction, Builders, Architects, Building Supply, Electrical, Wholesale LED Lighting
  • Apparel, Clothing & Fashion Lines, Sportswear, Boutiques, Jewelry
  • Beauty Supplies, Cosmetics, Skin Care, Healthy Living, Spas
  • Food Service, Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops, Broker Sales Agents, Wine & Beer Industries
  • Hotel & Motel, Hospitality, Entertainment, Casinos
  • Furniture, Home Furnishings
  • Medical, Dental, Surgical, Chiropractors, Wellness, Health Care, Hospitals, Medical Devices & Equipment, Pharamceuticals, Veterinarians
  • Information Technology, Software, Computer & Technology
  • Insurance, Professional Management, Finance, Financial Services
  • Sporting Goods, Recreation, Outdoor, Golf Clubs, Fitness Centers, Hunting, Fishing, ATV, UTV, Power Sports, Motorcycle, Marine
  • Retail & Wholesale Gifts, Giftware, Book, Hardware, Office Supply Stores
  • Retail & Big Box Stores, Department Stores, Grocery, Supermarkets, Drug, C-Stores, Truck Stops
  • Schools, Education, Colleges
  • Museums, Galleries, Zoos, Aquariums, Theme Parks

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Rep Terms: Rep Members Must Agree to the Terms Below

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On this page you will see the terms to which you must agree to use our free service.

  • Please note that all opportunities are commission-only.
  • Reps are required to respond online to all Contact Requests in an "ASAP" fashion.
  • To remain an active member, you are required to confirm your availability at least once every thirty days.

Please read our terms and proceed to Register for free use of our service.

RepHunter is a FREE service for Sales Reps. No upsells; no hidden fees, ever.

Finding quality new lines is an on-going process. Sales reps that have the best lines are always trolling for new sales opportunities and are first to find them. By using our Search Agents and continually engaging with RepHunter, you too will find the most profitable lines you are seeking.

Immediate communication is the backbone of our success. Therefore, we suggest that Sales Rep users of RepHunter adhere to these important terms.

  1. Register

    • Create only one profile of your sales expertise.
      You may have more than one profile only if you represent two or more completely unrelated lines into completely unrelated markets. Duplicate profiles of a similar nature will be removed.
    • You are required to control your profile's visibility. You can Inactivate or Activate your profile at any time.
    • Please Inactivate your profile at times when you have enough lines.
  2. Respond

    • RepHunter requires that reps with Active or Featured profiles respond to all Contact Requests (Principals seeking contact with you).
    • Responses must be made via your Track Contacts page ASAP.
    • Response times are part of the criteria with which companies evaluate our reps.
    • After you respond via the RepHunter website, you may speak directly to the Principal.
  3. Confirm Availability

    • RepHunter suggests that reps with Active or Featured profiles Confirm Availability at least once every 30 days to keep their profile active.
    • When you Confirm Availability, you confirm that you are still seeking new lines and the information in your profile is correct.
    • Confirming Availability will increase your visibility in searches by Principals.
  4. Find New Lines

    • RepHunter gives you the ability to proactively search our database for opportunities.
    • To proactively search, login and click on Find New Lines.
    • Search By Keyword or By Customer Category.

In addition, by creating a Rep profile at RepHunter, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Sales Rep Testimonial

Member #1825
"I have worked in the rep business now for over 30 years, and I have met the high, and the low in this business world. I have clients in every major, and all the minor countries around the world. I can say, without regard that has the best, focused service for both the rep today seeking to make his living, and the new company, or the major corporation. They have a screening formula for the reps that is the finest [and] for the companies that is the Leader in this industry. We have made it our First stop to seek new companies to add to our long list of the highest quality companies. I am always contacted by more fine companies from Rep Hunter's great referrals. I very proudly recommend [RepHunter]." -

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