About RepHunter

How can manufacturers, small business owners, distributors or sales agencies quickly and confidently find qualified sales reps? Conversely, how can manufacturers’ reps and independent sales reps find new product or service lines to offer their customer base? It can be like searching for the needle in the haystack.

As experienced sales professionals, we created RepHunter due to our frustrated attempts to search for new sales rep opportunities. So we built a haystack full of needles so to speak—one website where companies and reps create their profiles, search, find and contact each other.

RepHunter’s profiling system for manufacturers, service providers and sales representatives captures only the necessary information. RepHunter leverages an online active databases of companies’ and sales reps’ profiles that allows manufacturers, service providers and qualified sales representatives to quickly target a match for their sales representation needs.

RepHunter profiles give you intelligence so you can make decisions, not just information so you can make gambles.

Our clients confirm the quality of our referrals and tell us that the candidates that we place are more productive and able to hit the ground running faster precisely because of their established customer base.

RepHunter is the most cost-effective and time-efficient way to find sales reps in your industry.

Consider a company’s alternatives to RepHunter:

  • Hiring Inside Sales Rep: $50,000 + per year and no entreprenuerial incentive to sell
  • Agency Placement: $10,000 +
  • Nation-Wide Advertising: $5,000/Month
  • Newspaper, one major city: $1,000/Month to an increasingly limited market
  • Online Job Board, one major city: $700/Month to a very diffused market
  • Trade shows: $3,000 + depending upon travel and show expense; narrow window of opportunity; might pay off, especially if you are already attending shows

Our subscription plans are a fraction of the cost of these alternatives!


  • We advertise for you! We bring a targeted market to you.
  • We take your phone calls! Why do business with somebody who doesn’t?
  • Our customer service has been called "world class", "priceless", "awesome", etc.
  • For companies:
    • No overage charges. Our system prevents you from exceeding your contact allotment.
    • Cancel anytime! You can even do this right away to pay to subscribe for only one month.
    • Start up again with no startup fee and use all your rollover contacts.
    • Cancel mid-month to avoid further payments while retaining your subscription until the month is out.
    • You do not pay RepHunter any overrides on rep commissions.
  • For Sales Reps
    • Free service. No upsells, no hidden fees, ever.
    • We do not sell your data.
    • Turn your profile on and off as your sales needs require
    • Your free profile allows manufacturers and companies seeking sales reps to contact you

RepHunter Serves You!

Do you want to grow your business and increase profits?

  • We help manufacturers or suppliers, and independent sales reps find each other and create conversations.
  • We have a unique profiling system that allows a TARGETED SEARCH using a manufacturer’s specific requirements and our active database of experienced Independent Sales Representatives.
  • We are more COST-EFFECTIVE than than the alternatives: (1) placing ads and wading through an avalanche of resume responses; (2) costly trade shows; (3) job boards

We created RepHunter because as experienced sales professionals we were frustrated in our attempts to search for new opportunities. Resumes just didn’t capture the key criteria for finding good partnerships. By creating a profiling system for manufacturers, service providers and representatives, RepHunter leverages the technology of databases and the Internet to bring manufacturers and service providers the qualified sales representatives they need, without the resume reviewing hassle.

Our clients confirm the quality of our referrals and tell us that the candidates that we place are more productive and able to hit the ground running precisely because of their established customer base.

RepHunter Services

Our Manufacturers and Company Clients Can:

1. Expand Market Penetration and Reach through Independent Sales Representation

Have you considered expanding your coverage through independent sales representation? Do you need outside sales reps to carry additional lines for your business? Let RepHunter help you grow your business. Our experienced sales rep recruiters will find and place independent, commission-only sales reps with your organization. Or you can search and contact qualified reps in our huge manufacturers representative directory. Find the exact sales talent that your business needs! Register today!

2. Locate Qualified Independent Representatives Easily

As a manufacturer interested in working with independent representatives, do you find it difficult to locate the qualified sales talent in the markets or regions where you need representation? Established in 2001, RepHunter has one of the largest directories of independent representatives actively seeking new lines. Our independent reps submit a detailed profile of their abilities, territories, and lines allowing you to locate exactly the talent you need.

Register today!

Contact Outside Independent Sales Representatives with RepHunter! With full control over your sales profile, it’s simple to increase your visibility, update your product lines or target markets, and make other changes at any time, 365 days a year. Register today!

Try Before You Buy

Our process is as easy as ① - ② - ③. Just post your sales opportunity on our website and interested outside sales reps will contact you!

  1. Search our database for free – see the reps we have in your industry.
  2. Register – increase your visibility in your industry by posting your sales opportunity.
  3. Subscribe – as a paid subscriber to our service, you get unlimited rep inquiries about your opportunity, and at the same time, you can pro-actively select reps of your choosing.

Our Guarantee: all of our reps are:

  • 100% commission, independent reps
  • Actively seeking new lines
  • Will respond to you

Independent Reps With a RepHunter Profile Can:

1. Represent More Lines

As an independent sales rep or manufacturers representative, do you have the ability to represent additional manufacturers, suppliers, or lines into your existing account base?

One of our RepHunter representatives sold computers to VARs and Resellers throughout the Midwest. She doubled her income by contacting manufacturers profiled on RepHunter actively seeking reps in the computer field. By offering more product lines to her existing account base, she now receives commissions on computers plus her new lines (phones, software, and office furniture). Reps—register for free today!

2. Represent Manufacturers for Greater Income

Have you considered becoming an independent manufacturer’s agent, the best paid sales professional on earth? One of our sales professionals became a RepHunter independent representative. He now represents the manufacturers and suppliers of his choice providing several of the lines his customers may need. His income is ten times what it was when he was employed as an inside sales rep. Register today!

3. Create Your Free Sales Rep Profile

No upsells; no hidden fees, ever. Just create your independent sales rep profile for free. Search our database of manufacturers, distributors and sales companies seeking independent sales reps in all industries. Contact companies looking for sales reps today! Companies hiring sales reps also find your profile and contact you. Register today!

Sales Rep Testimonial

Member #27866
"If you are searching for a Sales opportunity, I highly recommend RepHunter.net

I have been a member of RepHunter for over 5 years. They are my go-to provider whenever I am searching for the latest and greatest in Medical Sales opportunities. Their opportunities are fresh and focused. Their website is very user friendly.

Salespeople know that service is paramount. For the past five years, Brenda Sorensen has been my Service Rep. She is wonderful! She is both professional and kind. She always treats my questions and requests with a sense of urgency. This point is important because with most Independent Sales people, timing is everything. Thank you, thank you, Brenda.

If you are searching for Sales Opportunities, you will find them at RepHunter.net"

Manufacturer Testimonial

Member #13605
"You folks continue to earn our respect in the manner in which you do business. You are the best thing going in filling rep positions and I thank you so much for the level of professionalism you bring to the table. It is unmatched. You have allowed a small company the opportunity to compete with the big boys in the talent search for qualified reps." -

Manufacturer Testimonial

Member #27894
"RepHunter worked so well, that we filled our available spots for at least the next several months! It worked better than the newspaper want ads we ran and job board ads on the internet. It saved us hundreds of dollars." -

Manufacturer Testimonial

Member #7122
"Thank you, Jeff: you are one of the very few website developers who actually listen to feedback from their customers, and implement changes that help. As a newcomer to using reps, I have done an in-depth study of rep websites and what each one has to offer, and RepHunter is, by far and away, the easiest to use, the most cost-effective, and it has allowed me to be in control of who I want to contact every step of the way. I have already hired 10 reps, and it's not easy to do when you can't interview them face to face. Keep up the good work." -

Sales Rep Testimonial

Member #12760
"Your website has been very helpful. I’ve been using RepHunter for ten years now and made very good connections. Brenda, your customer service has been excellent and I would recommend Rephunter to everyone who wants to increase sales. Thank you." -

Manufacturer Testimonial

Member #16890
"We have received the best results from your system as compared to the two others we tried. Thanks." -

Sales Rep Testimonial

Member #21826

Manufacturer Testimonial

Member #28337
"I am very pleased with the results RepHunter has offered and have perhaps taken on as many as ten qualified independent representatives as a result of my listing. The product you offer is of high quality and value." -

What’s New

Latest New Features

  • Schedule a Support Call. We have added to our website an integrated scheduler so that you can easily set up a call with our support staff.
  • Social Networking. RepHunter has expanded it's support for your connections via social networks. You can now enter your Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube addresses into your profile, and they will appear to other members under the appropriate conditions.
  • Rep Rating. In the initial version of the Rep Rating feature, Principals may give a star-rating to a Rep for whom they have issued or received a contact request.
  • RepHunter is fully mobile! With our new site redesign, there is better support for mobile devices.
  • Find My Matches. A powerful new search function named "Find My Matches" makes it easy to do a search without having to enter any search criteria. This function will automatically search based on the keywords you have entered in your profile and your selected territories.
  • Contact Request Quality Improvement. Before a contact request can be issued, it is now required that the members have a higher degree of matching.
  • Office Depot/Office Max discounts for RepHunter Members. RepHunter is pleased to announce the availability of a discount card for Office Depot/Office Max. You can receive up to an 80% discount on office supplies!
  • Skype ID in profile. We have added a space for your Skype ID on page 5 of your profile.
  • Platinum Plans Expanded. Building on the success of our Guaranteed Placement Platinum Plan, we are introducing two additional plans with a greater service level. Platinum 1 will be similar to and replace our existing Platinum Plan; Platinum 2 offers additonal reps; Platinum 3 includes complete management of your sales force. For details, please see our Pricing Page.
  • Member Logos and Pictures. Members may now upload their logo or a picture of themselves or their product.
  • Response Shows in Track Contacts. When a member responds to your Contact Request with a comment, in addition to that comment coming to you in an email, that comment also shows in your Track Contacts.

Tips and Tricks

  • Our TRY BEFORE YOU BUY feature offers you a no-risk way to check us out!
  • Search by Keyword with negative keywords. Place a minus immediately at the left of a keyword to exclude results containing that keyword. For example, you could search on home office but exclude copier with "-copier".
  • Multiple website addresses supported in your profile. You can enter multiple website addresses in the Website field on page 5 of your profile. Separate them with a space, comma, or semicolon.
  • Search within Track Contacts. Find previous contacts easier by using the Search function at the right side of the heading area.
  • RepHunter’s eGuide – Working With Independent Sales Reps Use this low-cost guide to better understand how to work with independent sales reps. If you are a new rep or want to break into the field, can be a useful way to get a leg up on the competition.View details.
  • Language Proficiency. Reps: add your language proficiency in selected international languages on page 5 of your profile.
  • Reveal Password. If you are having trouble entering or changing your password, reveal your password so you can see what you are typing. Caution: only use this feature in a secure environment.
  • Made In USA.
    Principals: indicate on page 5 of your profile that 100% of your products are "Made in the USA".
    Reps: search for such Principals using this feature.
  • Rep Agencies as Principals. If you are a rep agency seeking additional find sales reps, join RepHunter as a Principal and indicate on page 5 of your profile that you are a Rep Agency.
    Reps: search for such Principals using this feature.
  • Receive Your Contact Requests Via Text Message. Receive your contact requests via text messages sent to your mobeile phone. Set up this feature on page 5 of your profile.
  • Favorites Feature. Mark members within the Search by Keywords function for future review. On the View Profile page, click the Favorite button to mark the profile. Then later, on the Search By Keywords page, check the Favorites Only checkbox to restrict your search to only your favorites, within the rest of your search criteria. One use of this feature is to have one person do the first level selection of favorites, and then allow another person in your company to make the contacts.
  • Email Format Preference. Use the Email Format Preference setting on page 1 or your profile to control whether RepHunter sends you email in HTML or plain text. HTML has a nicer appearance, but selecting plain text may help you to avoid issues with spam blockers.
  • Saved Search Feature. Save your search criteria to avoid having to continually re-enter the same complex searches.
  • Advanced Keyword Search Options. The keyword search feature has many built in options that you can use to fine tune your search. For instructions on these options, the "Question Mark" or the Search Tips on the Search By Keyword page.
  • Search "Pass" Button. When viewing a profile during a search, use the Pass button to mark a profile as "Not Interested" by "graying out" this member on search results to indicate that you consider this member unqualified.
  • Advanced Text Entry. Use the formatting features on the second screen of your profile to improve its appearance. Spell checking is also provided, which underlines words that may be misspelled and offers suggestions when clicked upon. To use the spell check, click the "ABC" control at the top of the text entry box.
  • Search Agents. Set up a Search Agent to automatically email you about new members according to specific keywords.
  • Average Response Time. Use this information to determine how responsive a Sales Rep is to Contact Requests. This figure gives the average number of days a Sales Rep took to respond. The calculation considers only Contact Requests issued since the July 30, 2006.
  • Track Contacts. On the Track Contacts page, be sure to click through the four tabs at the top of the table, to see the different categories.