Meet Our Team

RepHunter Staff: Jeffrey Simon
Jeffrey Simon
Founder and CEO

Founder and principal owner of RepHunter since 2001. Previously a consultant to governments and corporate America, published author, and world traveler advancing information technology, software development, accounting and management information systems.

Wants to make finding and managing independent sales reps easier for companies and provide a platform for independent reps to find sales representation opportunities.

RepHunter Staff: Brenda Sorensen
Brenda Sorensen
Self Service Plans

Experienced sales professional known for helping, educating and supporting clients as they seek sales representation using commission-only reps, and with assisting reps in finding new products and services. Joined RepHunter in 2005. Brings a tenaciousness not only to her position with RepHunter, but also in life.

An adventurer at heart, Brenda enjoys climbing mountains, whitewater kayaking and international traveling.

RepHunter Staff: Justin Simon
Justin Simon
Software Developer

Software development since 2014 at RepHunter.

In his spare time he enjoys playing games of all varieties, watching strange movies, and reading anything he can get his hands on.

RepHunter Staff: Daniel Kehoe
Daniel Kehoe

Dan puts his years of online marketing and sales, testing what Google does versus what they say they do, and an intuitive sense of how people think when they’re multi-tasking, to attract great leads for RepHunter clients.

Dan spends his "off" hours looking to answer many of life’s puzzles, like "If stars are so bright, why can’t we see very far on a star-lit night?"

RepHunter Staff: Tom Metsa
Tom Metsa
Director: Full Service Plans

In sales/marketing since 1992. Former U.S. Divisional President of Tarsus Media Group plc. 10+ years of being an active 1099 sales rep. 7+ years in ad agency business focusing on C-level Strategic Partnerships.

Delafield, WI based. Father of 2 teenage boys.

RepHunter Staff: Kate Schroeder
Kate Schroeder
Account Manager

Certified coach since 2007. Brings a a wealth of experience understanding the needs and objectives of clients, and moving them forward with co-created strategic planning.

She combines this passion working as a Sales & Marketing Professional since 2002, primarily targeting start-up organizations.

Dear RepHunter️ Community,

At RepHunter, our mission has always been to help companies find commission-only sales reps and to assist reps in finding new products and services to sell to their buyers. As we face the global outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we remain devoted to this mission wholeheartedly.

While our employees work from home to protect their health and safety, we continue to work at full capacity. It is important for us to assure you that RepHunter’s website is up and running as usual.

We are here to help you with every problem or question you might have. As always, you can find helpful resources on our training pages and blog. We will continue to support you and your business and do what we can to help your business for the challenging times ahead.

We look forward to continuing to stand by you.

Stay safe,
The RepHunter® Team