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Are you new to working with Independent Sales Reps? Or perhaps would you just like a new approach to working with the ones that you have? Or are you an inside rep who would like to start working for yourself? RepHunter’s eGuide can be your solution! It offers great tips, ideas, and helpful suggestions on how to make the best independent rep team possible.

RepHunter connects small businesses like yours with Independent Sales Reps. Our goal was to capture our knowledge in an easy guide that addresses the questions we get asked on a regular basis. Questions that can make the difference between your success and failure with Independent Reps; questions you must answer to assure success.

Questions and solutions like:

  • What is an Independent Sales Rep?
  • Pros and cons of using Independent Sales Reps.
  • Should my business use an Independent Sales Rep or an employed rep?
  • Independent Sales Reps – a motivated sales force
  • Checklist to prepare for working with Independent Sales Reps.
  • Building a network of Independent Sales Reps.
  • Getting an independent rep’s attention.
  • Screening your Independent Sales Rep.
  • Features of a sales representation agreement.
  • Realistic expectations.
  • Two viewpoints on sales reporting.
  • For prospective Independent Sales Reps: becoming a rep.
  • Commissions
  • The effect of technology on Independent Sales Reps.

We have had clients in the past who have paid thousands of dollars for this eye-opening information. We have testimonials to prove how happy they were with our advice and service.

But now you can get the same information, that we have distilled down into an easy-to-read guide. This information is priceless to those who can put it to good use. Successful businessmen in the past have paid upwards of $499 for such advice. And at $199 this would be the "no-brainer" of the century. But we are going "all the way" to share this information with as many people as possible.

Here are more of the deeper secrets included in the guide:

  • What are the most common mistakes and misconceptions that lead to an Independent Rep's failure?
  • What communication is required to create a successful relationship between the Rep and their Principals?
  • Where do I get a sample contract for working with Independent Reps?
  • What are the different categories of Independent Sales Reps?
  • What are the best ways to get your product to market faster?
  • What are the direct costs associated with contracting new Independent Sales Reps?
  • How do you penetrate defined vertical markets?
  • How do I create a "preferred" Independent Sales Rep profile?
  • What is the due diligence process I should use in securing Independent Sales Reps?
  • What is the process when signing a contract with an Independent Sales Rep?
  • Do I need an Independent Sales Rep to sign a Non-disclosure, Non-compete agreement?
  • How do I determine the best application for my products/services when selecting the right Independent Sales Representative?
  • How do I find Independent Sales Reps?
  • Key questions I should ask Independent Sales Reps?
  • What is the due diligence process I should use in securing Independent Sales Reps?
  • Who covers the expenses when I use an Independent Sales Rep?
  • What the Rep should provide?
  • What should I NOT expect from my Independent Sales Rep?

Our guide also provides basic secrets for those would like to get into their own Independent Sales Representative business:

  • How do I determine if I want to become an Independent Sales Rep?
  • Do I have the financial stability to become and Independent Sales Rep?
  • How to organize my Independent Rep business?
  • How do I market myself to Principals?
  • What are the fundamental needs for landing the good lines?
  • What does the sales process look like from the viewpoint of an Independent Sales Rep?
  • How do I keep my Principals happy?

Our easy-to-read guide is an unbelievable value at just USD $29.95, delivered as an eBook directly to you by email. To purchase this guide, please click "Continue" below to go to our secure credit card page. Upon a successful transaction, the eBook will be automatically emailed.

But wait ... there's more! We could not resist including some additional very helpful information. When you order today, we will include the following additional special features:

  • IRS Article: Independent Contractor vs. Employee
  • Sample Line Card
  • Sample Sales Representation Agreement

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