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Manufacturer Review

Member #23134
"We do not wish to renew our active status on the rephunter website effective at the end of the current time period. We have so many reps to train and further screen that pursuing more at this time would be counter productive. After we have trained the current team, we will return to rephunter as an active participant.

Just as a note for you, we have found to be the most helpful and productive recruiting tool that I have ever used. It has been a pleasure using this tool, including the very user-friendly software, and with dealing with you and the others at rephunter."

Dear RepHunter️ Community,

At RepHunter, our mission has always been to help companies find commission-only sales reps and to assist reps in finding new products and services to sell to their buyers. As we face the global outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we remain devoted to this mission wholeheartedly.

Special Offer

To help your business through this period, we are offering the following special: $200 off of every self-service subscription. Start the first month at $99 instead of $299. Likewise, we offer $200 off the Silver and Gold plans. These discounts are included in our normal pricing and subscription pages.

While our employees work from home to protect their health and safety, we continue to work at full capacity. It is important for us to assure you that RepHunter’s website is up and running as usual.

We are here to help you with every problem or question you might have. As always, you can find helpful resources on our training pages and blog. We will continue to support you and your business and do what we can to help your business for the challenging times ahead.

We look forward to continuing to stand by you.

Stay safe,
The RepHunter® Team