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RepHunter has been assisting manufacturers, small businesses and entrepreneurs connect with one of the most powerful sales forces – the independent sales rep who works largely on a commission only basis. We offer online resources for those hiring sales reps and those looking to add new product or service lines and research all their sales rep opportunities.

Hiring Independent Sales Reps

For manufacturers and companies looking for a great sales rep directory, RepHuner offers:

RepHunter Benefits for Sales Reps:

  • Always FREE for Sales Reps (No upsells; no hidden fees, ever.)
  • Unlimited toll-free telephone support
  • Fast track “Find My Matches”
  • International online exposure
  • Activate/deactivate your profile as needed
  • RepHunter advertises for you! We find companies seeking reps.
  • Powerful search tool helps you quickly find sales opportunities
  • RepHunter’s recruiters use this database everyday

Looking to outsource your sales force?

Sales Rep Management – RepHunter Will:

  1. Provide a Sales Manager to manage your sales team.
  2. Create a Sales Plan designed to achieve your goals.
  3. Build your sales team.
    • As needed to meet the goals the Sales Plan, fill in any gaps in your sales team by professional searching, recruiting, and staffing of qualified sales rep candidates.
    • Provide assistance with the signing of sales rep candidates.
  4. Ensure your sales team has the necessary tools for presentations.
  5. Work directly with key accounts.
  6. Participate in joint sales calls with reps.
  7. Assist development of retail and customer pricing.
  8. Assist development of your sales strategy.
  9. Provide competitive awareness.
  10. Provide weekly reporting

This sales rep blog offers posts of general interest to Independent Sales Reps, and those who should be using Independent Sales Reps to build their sales.

If you have any specific questions about selling via Independent Reps, please post a question.

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    • berk swezey
    • August 19, 2020

    Interested in being a rep within the medical community

      • jas
      • August 19, 2020

      Becoming an independent sales rep can be very rewarding. How much of a challenge this will be depends upon your background and experience. Do you have extensive sales background? Do you have contacts with buyers in the medical field? The answers to these questions will have a strong bearing on your path forward.

      RepHunter has introductory materials for those who would like to break in to the repping business. If you create a free profile at RepHunter’s site at, you will have access to those materials.

      Hope this helps!

    • Jim Kransberger
    • March 21, 2020

    Been an independent manufacturers’ representative most my life. I am looking for lines and a specific geographic (contractually closed) territory. That is: getting paid for any and all sales generated from that territory. Existing customers automatically are attributed as my customers. Does RepHunter have such manufacturers? Why do I ask this? I sold in Michigan and had a couple of super sized customers. I’d get the goods placed and within weeks get fired. Been burned . . . Jim

      • jas
      • March 22, 2020

      RepHunter has many manufacturers looking for reps that offer exclusive or protected territories. When you search our database, one of the parameters shown for each company is whether they do offer such exclusives.

      You can become a RepHunter member at no cost. To do so, visit RepHunter at, click “Find New Lines”, and fill out the profile. When you profile is complete, companies will contact you, and you can use the advanced search features.

      Hope this helps!

    • Sandy
    • August 8, 2015

    When starting out as a solo rep which form of business is best, sub s, llc, or c cop?

      • jas
      • August 10, 2015

      The business form is not so much a “rep” question — it is pertinent to any startup. I have created and been involved in all three forms, C, S, and LLC. All three provide similar legal protections, but there are differences. What I would do myself in the future would be to use an LLC as it is probably simpler. However, you might want to get your own legal advice that can take into account the particulars of your situation.

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