May 2020

OK 2020: Let’s do a restart!

June is upon us. So much has happened, been written about and over analyzed in the first five months of 2020. I believe it is definitely time to focus on making the rest of 2020 a success, or at least make it more positive than negative. Buyers/Decision makers in all industries are active and looking […]

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Emerging from COVID: May 18, 2020

The independent rep world is slowly getting back to normal. There are some significant changes, in that many reps still cannot make live sales calls. They need to rely on phone, email and text to communicate with the decision makers. Yet contact rates are increasing, reps are searching for new lines and principals are searching […]

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Coronavirus in early May 2020–50% of US is starting to open

It seems like we have been under this spell for much longer that it has actually been. The Independent Rep world has definitely changed. Can’t make live calls, so its almost like we have gone back in time where the phone is the best tool … and the email. So reps with connections can make […]

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