Software Sales Tips: Making the Sale

The software landscape changes all the time. Start-ups innovate and new software models, such as Software as a Service (SaaS), emerge to change the way even the largest businesses do business. Despite this rapidly changing landscape, enterprise IT sales still operate on many of the same fundamental principles they always have. In fact, all of the changes in software may even reinforce traditional ways of doing b2b software sales. Check out our software sales tips below to stay up to date with how enterprise IT sales are done today.

1. Appeal to Conservative Customers

In Enterprise IT sales things move far more slowly than they do in B2C. Members of IT departments or operations don’t always need the flashy new thing on the market – in fact, getting too caught up in fads might make them look bad. They need to be reassured that your software is a sound decision, that it will meet all their needs and that they will receive sufficient support in installation and beyond. You are selling to someone who will likely have to train up a staff to use the software. Reassuring them that their job responsibilities will get easier, not harder, and that they won’t get fired is very important!

2. Emphasize Utility

As much as some people enjoy being early adopters in their lives as consumers, businesses rarely can afford that kind of luxury. Selling enterprise software requires emphasizing functionality, usability, and security. Extra bells and whistles are just that.

3. Patience

Replacing enterprise level software can take a long time, and involve the input of a number of decision-makers. As a B2B software sales rep, you must learn the nature of the food chain at businesses you are targeting, and make sure you get the right materials in front of the right people on that chain. One of the most important software sales tips is “don’t give up easily, but don’t lose touch.” Different members of an organization will find different parts of a software compelling. Even giant companies like Salesforce have sales reps getting in front of customers, and the reason is, it still works.

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