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Anyone working with or as an independent sales rep can benefit from the wisdom of Bob Reiss found in the archive of his blog for sales reps. Aside from his wealth of blog posts, Bob has valuable sales rep and entrepreneur resources on his Bootstrapping101 website,

As a Harvard Business School graduate as well as founding and being actively involved in sixteen successful starting-up companies, Bob has first-hand experience with what it takes to find, interview, hire and manage a sales force of independent sales reps.

Foundational to his approach to the sales rep business is that a win-win situation is imperative – when manufacturers and sales representatives understand each other better, when their relationship is not adversarial, everybody makes a profit. Both parties need each other. Mutual understanding creates an enduring, positive partnership that yields greater profits for manufacturers or distributors and their independent reps.

We also recommend his book Bootstrapping101.  You can also buy Bob Reiss’ book on Amazon.

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