What’s the Big Deal About Independent Sales Reps?

An independent sales rep is an incredibly valuable asset for any company that sells lines or services to have! Essentially, you pay a sales rep to represent your line. It sounds simple, but it is in fact incredibly rewarding. The difference between a salesperson and a manufacturer’s rep is that rather than working for a single company, a sales rep carries multiple lines.

Why is that such a big deal? Well, because they also have established customers that buy their lines. This means that they can go to their customers and say “Hey, I have a new line similar to what I already sell to you that you might also be interested in.” This increases the likelihood of retailers and distributors picking up your line, because they already have an existing buyer’s relationship with the sales rep, who they already know and trust. Because of their abilities to sell your line so effectively, independent sales reps are one of the leading methods to build your business.

Contact Sales Reps Adding Products or Service Lines

When you post your profile online for a nationwide search, it is seen globally – expanding your potential market reach and profits! One ad, all territories, all industries. Reps see your posting and submit their profile to you.

We advertise to independent reps for you. We promote your company profile to the right sales reps with our refined search capacity.
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    You hire independent sales representatives. A rep’s primary responsibility is to sell your products. A sales rep isn’t a magic bullet to increasing your sales—and finding the rep that’s right for you isn’t always easy—but if you want to increase your sales volume, assembling a team of reps throughout the US and Canada might be the solution.

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