hiring independent sales reps

Key Questions Asked by Independent Sales Reps

As a small business owner or sales manager adding an outside sales force, you will be asked certain key questions by independent sales reps you interview. Be prepared with good answers! Successful sales reps know what answers qualify your business as a good investment of their time and expertise. Go over this list of key […]

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A Simple Checklist for Hiring Independent Sales Reps

In hiring independent sales reps to sell your line, there are critical steps to take so you have everything under control before you proceed. Setting these things in place ahead of time will avoid any delays to sales growth or potential failure of your relationship with your manufacturer reps. Prepare a contract! You will want […]

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Tips for Working With Sales Reps

Placing productive, independent sales reps is a numbers game. Period. This fact cannot be emphasized too much. Using a service such as RepHunter will both improve those numbers and reduce the hiring period. But you will still most likely need to communicate with several reps to place that one that will ultimately be productive. For […]

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