Key Questions Asked by Independent Sales Reps

As a small business owner or sales manager adding an outside sales force, you will be asked certain key questions by independent sales reps you interview. Be prepared with good answers! Successful sales reps know what answers qualify your business as a good investment of their time and expertise.

Go over this list of key questions and use it as a litmus test of your presentation to sales rep candidates. If you do not have strong answers now, take steps to put in place the missing elements and programs. You want to attract the best qualified commission-only sales reps to your business. anything else only reduces your profits.

Key Questions Commonly Asked of Sales Managers:

  1. What is your line of business?
  2. Where are your products manufactured?
  3. What are your total sales and quota achievements over the last few years?
  4. What territories are available?
  5. Are those territories exclusive?
  6. If not, do you have an existing rep in my territory?
  7. What is your marketing strategy and how are you developing leads?
  8. Is this a pioneering effort on the Rep’s part?
  9. How do you support your independent reps?
  10. Do you provide sales samples and marketing materials to your reps?
  11. Do you provide training to your reps?
  12. What is the market response to your products?
  13. Do you have a rep network now?
  14. What are your commission rates, marketing expense reimbursement rules, and policy?

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