Does Resurgence also mean slow down?

Tom Metsa working from home

Sports are coming back, restaurants are beginning to re-open and most businesses are back in operation. In many cases masks are required yet we are out of our homes. In the Independent Rep Industry there is no doubt things are beginning to pick up. Reps looking for new lines, Principals looking to expand their rep forces. It is a great feeling to get the engine running again!

Then we see a resurgence in many states and areas. Suddenly, people go quiet again. It is like we are programmed to stop communicating once negative announcements are made. Yet there is no reason for our industry to go quiet due to a resurgence. Many have already adapted to connecting via email, phone or zoom and customers are used to that communication as well. We will see this virus take us on ups and downs for possibly years, yet definitely months. We are Independent because we beat to our own drum. Let’s not go quiet just because of some negative news. We have our new way of doing business, lets all find success regardless of the situation.

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Tom Metsa

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