Craziest summer on record is behind us

Tom Metsa working from home

It’s the middle of September. Summer is over, sports are back, we are as close to normal as we’ve been in a while. Reps are back making live sales calls in many cases. Manufacturers are ramping up production, and we are even seeing some “open to buy” dollars showing up at retail for the holiday hot market period. Is it back to how it was a year ago at this time? Not even close! Yet it’s about as close to the old normal as we’ve seen in 6 months.

If you’re a rep looking to expand your book, this is a great time as companies are making moves. And if you are a Principal thinking about either launching or expanding your sales team, again…..great time to get the reps on board, trained and some experience in Q4 so when 2021 hits you are ready to go.

None of us have any idea if the world will ever be like it was in 2019. Yet I do know business is happening and this is a great time to take advantage of it

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Tom Metsa

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