Our “Dog Days” came early!

Tom Metsa working from home

The July 4th holiday traditionally represents a bit of a slow down in the Independent Rep Industry–aka “Dog Days of Summer”. Manufacturing pulls back a bit, retailers are busy closing out Spring/Summer inventory before Fall shipments come in, families are taking vacations. That is in a traditional year.

2020 has been far from traditional. Our “Dog Days” just came a bit early this year. Since pretty much everyone was operating outside of normal protocols if operating at all up until now, this July/August is looking more like a continued restart of the business community rather than a slow down. Both reps and principals are actively looking for strong additions to their business, seeing some partnerships and acquisitions taking place and more activity coming.

Hope everyone enjoys this 4th of July holiday weekend, because July and August are going to be much more than hammocks and flip flops.

Enjoy! tom@rephunter.net

Tom Metsa

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