Coronavirus in early May 2020–50% of US is starting to open

It seems like we have been under this spell for much longer that it has actually been. The Independent Rep world has definitely changed. Can’t make live calls, so its almost like we have gone back in time where the phone is the best tool … and the email. So reps with connections can make contact, yet cold calling right now is non-existent. Retail is nearly shut down except in the food/beverage industry.

A positive thing: manufacturing and tech are still moving forward. I’ve talked to several reps who are moving into that category and looking for new lines. With the number of salaried reps laid off, the number of 1099 reps is growing. Being in this industry every day during this time has given me perspective. Sometimes you have to pivot. I’ve talked to a good rep friend who was in retail for 20 plus years; now he is going to his manufacturing friends.

After talking to all my clients I am confident that business is not shutting down. Business continues, and in some areas is even thriving. Reps may have to shift their priorities, yet this could bring opportunities for everyone.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to reach out to me at Be safe everyone!

Tom Metsa

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