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Improving the Productivity of Your Outside Sales Force

As your field soldiers, your independent sales reps are the outside sales force of your company – one of the most important links between your company and the market. An ineffective sales team can be detrimental to your organization’s efforts of brand building, improving market penetration, and ultimately profitability. While organizations put in a lot […]

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What to Expect When Dealing With Independent Sales Reps

Sales Managers Expectations of Sales Reps: Since your independent sales reps work for you, there are some things you as a small business owner or sales manager can reasonably expect of them. Call Reports Exemption – If you are used to working with in-house employee sales reps, you may be inclined to expect your independent […]

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A Simple Checklist for Hiring Independent Sales Reps

In hiring independent sales reps to sell your line, there are critical steps to take so you have everything under control before you proceed. Setting these things in place ahead of time will avoid any delays to sales growth or potential failure of your relationship with your manufacturer reps. Prepare a contract! You will want […]

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