Survive & Prosper as an Independent Sales Rep

The latest recession in the US may be over, but as any independent sales rep knows, the economy cycles through its ups and downs and being prepared is key to financially surviving and prospering. Also, the pace of an economic recovery might not hold great short-term promises for businesses and job seekers.

However, don’t lose your hopes! There are still certain opportunities that haven’t been affected as strongly as others, offering great opportunities to survive in tough economic times. An independent sales rep business is one among them that can provide you opportunities to survive and grow in a tough economy. Remember that even in a bad economic scenario, sales reps are the often the first to be hired and the last to fired, because their sales bring in a company’s revenue.

That’s not to say that the economic uncertainties don’t having an effect on sales rep opportunities. Uncertain and sluggish economic conditions always make people more selective of the things they wish to buy, making it harder for manufacturers reps to sell things. They need to be updated and more focused on active niche markets to survive and thrive in tough economic times. As the work of an independent sales rep is inherently revenue-based, only more efforts and more sales on your part can bring expected rewards for you.

RepHunter offers you some strategies to survive and prosper as an independent sales rep in a tough economy.

Exploring your customers’ business – Almost all companies look for ways to curtail their expenses during a sluggish economy. As an independent sales rep you need to find out what unique products or services you can offer to your customers to help them survive and grow their businesses as well as reduce their operational costs. If you have best business solutions for your customers, you are certainly in a better position to survive and prosper even during tough economic times.

Tracking multiple business lines – Tracking multiple business lines will help you identify the demand and supply pattern in different sectors of the economy. If you are selling a product or service that suits the needs of multiple industries, you are certainly in a better position to survive in tough economy. Look for a suitable platform, such as RepHunter, which allows you build lines in multiple industries.

Update your skills regularly – Darwin’s theory of “Survival of the Fittest” applies in today’s economic scenario. It not only applies to you but it equally applies for your customers. A deep understanding of various aspects of your customers’ businesses will help you take an edge in the sluggish job market. You must update your business skills to make you fit the ever-changing demands of the sales industry.

Independent Sales Reps Succeed with RepHunter

RepHunter provides a common platform that greatly reduces the time for companies and independent sales reps to find each other. We have helped thousands of independent sales rep survive and even thrive during great as well as tough economic times.

So, what are you waiting for? Search our database of companies actively seeking independent sales reps to find new lines and hundreds of new job opportunities in many industries.

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    • Mario Sobalvarro
    • August 31, 2012

    Clearly some valid points, the challenge for many is to create a synergy between our commercial interest and the real demand for products in the market. Often we are blinded by the illusion that what we carry in our portfolio is exactly what the market will take at a specific point in time. If we did our due dilligence in selecting products, the synergy will take place.

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