Social Networking for Independent Sales Reps

As the US economy shows signs of growth and expansion, companies have started hiring experienced independent sales reps to grow their business and profits. Today, there are thousands of opportunities for independent sales reps in all sectors to help manufacturers that are looking to capitalize on new business opportunities in the market.

However, finding profitable new lines in your industry can be a challenging task even for experienced independent sales representatives. Similarly, finding result-driven sales reps is also a challenging task for companies. With ever-growing competition in the market, timely recruiting of good sales reps can help companies take an edge over competitors. Also finding best opportunities in your product lines can be crucial for the growth and profits of independent sales reps.

Networking Using Online Sales Rep Directories

RepHunter provides a common platform for companies and independent sales reps to help them find each other. In a way, we act as a social networking for both independent sales reps and companies where they can easily find each other and interact. We provide fastest and most cost effective way for companies to help them recruit talented and qualified sales reps within days, while sales reps can find best opportunities from leading companies in their product lines.

RepHunter Sales Rep Directory

RepHunter has developed a line opportunity directory covering thousands of manufacturers and companies who are looking for talented independent sales reps. Independent sales reps can easily search our line opportunity directory to find new lines and thousands of job opportunities from the profiles of companies seeking independent sales reps and manufacturers representatives. To search this line opportunity directory, use the “Search by Category” feature or our website at

We have organized companies by categories and sub-categories to help you easily find Principals related to your industry. Additionally, we have provided a search box that helps you search and find Principals in your industry at the click of the mouse. You will be able to see their contact details after completing free registration procedure on our website. You can also post your industry expertise on our website and interested principals will find and contact you.  What’s more, you can update your product lines and include new lines as per your needs. RepHunter will help you find the perfect independent sales rep job that will allow you to start building lines in any or all of the industries that we cover.

A good team of independent sales reps can help companies achieve their business goals. If you’re a company looking to launch a new product, or penetrate in a new market, independent sales reps can help you meet your targets at a minimal cost, in comparison to payroll employees. RepHunter helps you to build your sales team of qualified and professional independent sales reps in a fast and cost effective way. Just create a profile to be listed in our line opportunity directory so sales reps can easily find you and learn about opportunities offered by your company. You can also access our extensive database of thousands of independent sales reps and view their profiles. Just select the best profiles for your business and contact them directly to offer your job proposals. So, what are you waiting for? Build your team of professional independent sales reps with RepHunter and expand your sales to new markets in a short span of time.

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