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Manufacturing Sector Growth = Contact Manufacturers Reps Now!

Those who work in the manufacturing industry, like many of us, will be happy to know that the US economy experienced a slight growth in the first quarter of this year. What is the solution for manufacturers and entrepreneurs seeking to contact manufacturers reps? When the economy’s downward spiral depresses conditions in manufacturing sector, we […]

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Tips for Working With Sales Reps

Placing productive, independent sales reps is a numbers game. Period. This fact cannot be emphasized too much. Using a service such as RepHunter will both improve those numbers and reduce the hiring period. But you will still most likely need to communicate with several reps to place that one that will ultimately be productive. For […]

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How Can I Find Independent Reps or Sales Agents?

There are several ways to find independent sales reps, sales representative companies, or sales agents. Sometimes it may feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. However, check out this list and consider how RepHunter can shorten and sweeten your sales rep recruiting efforts. 1. Online Sales Rep Search Services. There are several online […]

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