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Wholesale distributors and manufacturers trying to get greater market penetration or targeting specific potential customers, have to push and promote the product with all the standard B2B marketing avenues. From cold-calling, networking, building market buzz, attending trade shows, and utilizing the ever-changing world of online marketing, getting to the wholesale buyer often requires building an inside marketing and sales team as well as utilizing independent sales reps who know your client base.

Finding a commission-only wholesale sales rep at RepHunter can accelerate your path to more contracts, market reach and profitability. Reps allow your company to concentrate on the quality and timely delivery of your products. Our tips below will help you find the best wholesale sales representative for your product or services, whether the need is their product expertise or knowledge of a territory.

Know Your Wholesale Market

Government markets often have a profit margin worth pursuing, but can be one of the most difficult markets to enter. Besides getting to the right buyer and negotiating the online bidding process, threading through the red tape can be its own lengthy process. Finding a sales rep or sales rep agency that has experience landing wholesale contracts with the government agencies speeds up, if not making possible, these sales.

Each wholesale market can have its own industry nuances and buying practices. Sales reps can act more like sales consultants since their knowledge of the industry, the level of service buyers expect, how extensive a training program needs to be, what are the competitions strengths and weaknesses are all valuable to wholesalers.

Finding Wholesale Buyers in Government and Industry

Online sales rep directories as well as industry trade shows are a targeted networking opportunities for wholesale distributors, manufacturers and independent sales reps alike. Having reps that can present your products in person creates a strong memory and incentive to sell new items when stores change up their inventory. Hire a great wholesale sales rep with the years of experience, industry connections and an enthusiastic presentation style to expand your sales and market penetration.

Collaborate With Your Wholesale Sales Rep!

As in many competitive industries, creative sales and marketing tactics help tremendously to get your products or services to stand out in the wholesale industry. Search for the wholesale sales rep whose knowledge and feel for your industry can help you put together a brochure, training program, website, or social presence that will trigger the interest of your targeted wholesale buyers.

Use RepHunter extensive online database of sales reps and find the right independent wholesale sales reps. Our reps are actively looking to expand their territory or product lines, and have built their profiles so you can see their track record and expertise.

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Member #16305 "You folks continue to earn our respect in the manner in which you do business. You are the best thing going in filling rep positions and I thank you so much for the level of professionalism you bring to the table. It is unmatched. You have allowed a small company the opportunity to compete with the big boys in the talent search for qualified reps." - Martha Martin, Foam Tech and Door Tech
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Self-Service Plan Guarantee

You proactively search our online directory for reps that meet your requirements and then select reps to contact. If the rep does not respond, or is not actively seeking new commission-only lines, you may request a Rep Credit, which allows you to contact another rep.

Reps have up to 14 days in which to respond and Rep Credits must be used while your subscription is active. You may need to pay to subscribe for additional months to request and use your Rep Credits. Otherwise, you will be able to use your remaining contact allotment any time in the future after resubscribing to a self-service plan.

Full-Service Plan Guarantee - Platinum 1 & 2

Description of the Plan and Guarantee

For a period of sixty days from the start of service ("Service Period"), RH will locate independent Reps with a proven track record of sales in your industry and in your desired territory. RH will interview the candidates to make sure they are aware of your line specifics and potential and make a formal introduction. RH guarantees that the defined number of hires will accept your offer, execute your Representation Agreement, and take your line.

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