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If you are the owner of a sportswear company, you may want to seek out sportswear sales reps to increase your sales and find new clients. Sportswear is a diverse and competitive field, so you want the best outside sales reps available to be talking about your product to businesses, to coaches, to athletic directors, to tradeshows, to stores.

What qualities should you look for in an independent sportswear sales rep? Read on to learn some things to look for when you’re finding outside sales representatives for your lines.

Industry Experience as a Sportswear Sales Rep

When looking for a sportswear sales rep, industry experience is an asset. Do they know how to build relationships with coaches, school administrators? Are they better at building relationships with stores? Depending on the audience you are trying to reach, you may prefer a more specific sportswear experience.

Creativity is also great in a sportswear sales rep. It helps to have a good eye and be able to speak fluently about design. And of course, tenacity is valued in sportswear as it is in other industries. Cold calling may be very important, and outside sales reps will have to be competitive and willing to try to get teams, for example, to switch their uniforms to your company over another’s.

A unique challenge in the sportswear industry is managing to get stock off the shelves. Sportswear sales can be seasonal. You need an outside sales rep who can switch gears and push sportswear appropriate for summer, fall, spring, winter, and so on.

Work Ethic

A sportswear sales rep should have great marketing skills and great phone skills. Commission-only outside sales reps must always be driven, willing to put in flexible hours and travel when necessary. This is all true for sportswear sales reps. If you are trying to get a school to switch its uniform needs to you, you’ll have to work harder than the competition to stay in touch and make sure you’re meeting their needs. A good sportswear sales rep will do this.

Interest in Sports

Of course, having an interest in sports is definitely an advantage! You want your sportswear sales rep to be conversant in a number of sports, and able to speak off the cuff with athletic program directors and coaches. Building relationships is one of the most important aspects of sales.

Running a sportswear company is complex enough as it is, with design and manufacturing. Let someone else take care of the sportswear sales when you find a sportswear sales rep through RepHunter! Get started now with the form below.

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