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When you have a new product you are trying to get into retail stores, you will have to push and promote the product on several fronts. From old fashioned cold-calling, to professional networking, to trade shows, videos, and online marketing, cracking the retail industry is more than a full-time job.

To concentrate on the quality of your product and get the most possible contacts and distribution, find a commission-only retail sales rep on RepHunter! Our tips below will help you find the best outside sales rep for your retail product.

Sell to Big Box Stores

Not every product belongs in a big box store. Think about the end customer you are targeting with your product, and where they’ll be shopping. A hardcore cyclist might not be visiting a big box sporting good to get their new biking pedals, so pursuing those types of stores might be a waste of your retail sales rep’s energy. On the other hand, getting into big box stores if your product fits – a fun new toy for infants, for example – may not be as hard as you think. Determine which stores you’d like to reach with your goods, and find a retail sales rep with experience in presenting products to those stores. If the retail sales rep you are talking to is good enough, they’ll turn you down if the sales strategy is wrong – or give you advice on how to make your product the perfect line for them.

Explore Trade Shows & Presentations

Trade shows are a big deal in the retail industry, for Principals and outside sales reps alike. Consumer products are meant to be used, and demonstrating them to potential resellers is a very effective way to show how great they are. Connecting with resellers and allowing them to experience your product will leave them a strong memory of what you’re selling when they change up their inventory. Hire a great retail sales rep with trade show experience and an enthusiastic presentation style to maximize your trade show impact.

Collaborate Creatively

To stand out from the crowd in the retail industry, creative sales and marketing tactics help tremendously. Search for a retail sales rep that can help you put together a brochure, website, or social presence that will resonate with the type of reseller they know you are trying to target.

To reach the right retail sales reps use RepHunter today. Sign up and begin your search for outside sales reps on RepHunter with the form below!

Principal Review

independent retail sales reps
Member #45724 "I’m a small business person bringing a new product (www.The to market, and it can be intimidating to say the least. Thanks to RepHunter, my search for qualified, professional sales reps has been a painless, and even enlightening process! With RepHunter, you can quickly put together a national (and international) sales team in a matter of days, from the comfort and convenience of your home or office.

I know the initial fee may sound high for some, but think about what even one professional salesperson is worth to you in profits. And this is not a site that 'warehouses' tons of old or useless contacts. RepHunter is real! Everything is sorted by most recent activity, and you can clearly see the last time a rep has signed in, as well as their average response time. I’ll admit, I was slightly skeptical, but as soon as I had access to the site, I realized what a goldmine it is! I quickly scanned more than 500 reps across 4 or 5 categories, and narrowed down my search down to the 55 reps I was allotted. I also received more than 30 requests from reps on top of this. Out of the 88 eligible contacts, I came away with 21 experienced and qualified reps across the country that were interested in selling my product! I don’t know any other way I could have accomplished this in less than a month!

RepHunter is a powerful business tool that delivers far more than it promises. It’s extremely easy to use to contact, evaluate and organize multiple sales reps, that can transform your business from a local operation into an international force in a matter of days, expanding your sales reach into retailers and markets that can put your product in front of consumers everywhere!

Thanks, Brenda! Your site is amazing!" - Steve Stewart, Steve Stewart Entertainment
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  • Huge database of Independent Sales Reps actively looking for lines in your industry!
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Self-Service Plan Guarantee

You proactively search our online directory for reps that meet your requirements and then select reps to contact. If the rep does not respond, or is not actively seeking new commission-only lines, you may request a Rep Credit, which allows you to contact another rep.

Reps have up to 14 days in which to respond and Rep Credits must be used while your subscription is active. You may need to pay to subscribe for additional months to request and use your Rep Credits. Otherwise, you will be able to use your remaining contact allotment any time in the future after resubscribing to a self-service plan.

Full-Service Plan Guarantee - Platinum 1 & 2

Description of the Plan and Guarantee

For a period of sixty days from the start of service ("Service Period"), RH will locate independent Reps with a proven track record of sales in your industry and in your desired territory. RH will interview the candidates to make sure they are aware of your line specifics and potential and make a formal introduction. RH guarantees that the defined number of hires will accept your offer, execute your Representation Agreement, and take your line.

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