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In the sporting goods industry, as in other niches, outside sales reps often carry multiple product lines. As a commission-only sales rep, finding great hunting, camping, fishing tackle and outdoor industry lines that help you make the most commission is your bread and butter. At RepHunter we have a wide variety of principals that might be a good fit for you and provide you with the commission-based sporting good sales jobs and lines you are seeking.

How do you find the right opportunities perfectly in line with your skills and experience in sporting goods sales? Read our tips below!

Know Thyself

Taking on a new line is not the same as your average sporting good sales job. To be successful as an independent sales rep in this industry, you have to put in a number of hours and create efficiencies for yourself based on your own methods of organization and your knowledge of the niche and product you are selling. When you are looking for a new line as an outside sales rep, make sure your own preferred methods of working and reporting are in line with the principal’s expectations. Wherever you can reduce friction by being naturally compatible in your working methods, do so. Sometimes this means being highly organized where your principal is less so, sometimes the opposite.

You’ll also want to be eminently comfortable in the sport whose equipment you represent. Principals are looking for outside sales reps that already have a lifelong passion for their sport or are willing to dive in. Having experience with the equipment and with the sport in general will help you tell the stories and determine the needs of the consumer who will eventually be using your product.

Be Creative

As part of your sporting goods sales job as an independent rep for a new line, in all likelihood you’ll be visiting both highly specialized and more general stores. You’ll have to leverage your contacts to create mutually beneficial relationships and solidify your connections with accounts. You never know if the hardcore fishing enthusiast you sell hooks to is also a passionate golfer on the side, unless you ask! Many people who are into sports are into more than one sport, so being conversant beyond your product can help you find new sales opportunities or even new sporting goods sales lines.

To find great commission only sporting goods sales opportunities as an outside sales rep, use RepHunter today. Sign up now with the form below!

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