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You have a passion for beauty and health, and a knack for helping your friends find the right products for their skin type, hair thickness, or other personal quirk. You keep up to date on the latest trends and technologies in personal care products, and have communication skills to spare. If you haven’t already looked into beauty & cosmetic sales jobs, the time is long overdue, and if you’re an experienced sales rep, you’re probably well-suited and ready to find new beauty & cosmetic lines.

The beauty, cosmetics, and personal care industry is almost always growing as new companies and artisans create products that reflect our ever-evolving lifestyles and priorities. Beauty & cosmetic lines are waiting for talented outside sales reps to fulfill their products’ opportunity. The question is how to get in front of manufacturers, suppliers, or service providers (or as referred to here, “Principals”) and take their lines to the top. Fortunately, RepHunter provides countless opportunities to make the connections that are a match for your talents..

Finding the Right Beauty & Cosmetic Lines

When you’re creating your RepHunter profile, there are some important factors to consider in order to ensure you are finding the right cosmetic lines. Establish what territories are accessible to you so you don’t get matched up with a product you love in a place it would cost too many resources to reach. If you’re at a juncture in your career where moving is an option, widen your net and include territories you’re willing to relocate to. Sometimes expanding your service area can bring clients to you more easily. Make sure you discuss territory before signing on the dotted line with the Principal.

To link up to Principals whose products are right up your alley, sell yourself as well as you would sell their products. Reference the companies you’ve represented in the past and your range of experience. If you are looking to sell in a certain micro-market, like vegan or organic, don’t hesitate to bring non-beauty experience or even non-outside sales experience to bear.

Getting the Contract for a New Beauty Line

With your resume, or better yet RepHunter profile ready to go, consider developing additional resources that will make securing new lines easier. Create a roadmap that outlines what a Principal can expect when working with you. Develop marketing timelines, and establish your availability – is it immediate, or will you only be available weeks or months from now?

Signing up with RepHunter will enable you to find new cosmetic lines faster, giving you access to Principals needing to sell their product and needing your assistance to do it. These are more than just cosmetic sales rep jobs – these are opportunities to build up your own independent sales rep business and further develop a successful career. Get started now with the form below!

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Member #44738 "Brenda, I am thrilled with how many responses I get from your services and that they are really real companies. I have referred people to RH and they love it and have picked up territories. I would recommend RepHunter to anyone who is seeking to find new lines. I have found a lot of great companies and met some potential prospects. Lots of opportunity here. Thanks RepHunter. Thanks for the Opportunity. Shame someone didn’t think of this sooner." - Trudy Kearns, Sales Rep
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