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Success in selling for wineries, vintners and distributors as a commission-only manufacturers sales rep involves carrying multiple lines, proactively solving customers’ problems, knowing your customers clientele as well as the competitions’ offering. Wine and spirit sales differ from some markets in that potential clients are end users like restaurants and bars along with the retail markets of food stores and wine and cheese shops. Knowing the needs of this diverse customer base is important to success as an independent sales rep. Where can you find lines to add to your portfolio that will help you make the most possible commission as an independent sales rep?

Check out the tips from RepHunter below and learn how to get the most out of your wine sales rep job opportunities.

Have a Story for Each Brand

Obviously the taste test for the savvy buyer is a critical hurdle, but equally important is the story that accompanies the wine. Putting a face and personality to a wine helps to make it interesting and memorable. To grow quickly, new wineries often depend on an outside force of independent sales reps to jumpstart sales with their knowledge of a territory and buyer, so utilizing your knowledge of the territory to help craft an appealing story can be an invaluable part of your relationship.

Showing Up Counts

A big complaint wine stores and restaurants have with their spirits or wine sales reps is the inconsistency of onsite visits, especially around holidays and historically high sales times of the year. For opening new accounts, more frequent visits help establish your commitment and familiarity with buying staff. Getting to know the buying cycles, or rhythm, of each potential client helps sales reps visit at the “right time” to gain orders.

Do segment customers have additional needs you could service, since they trust you? Search in your territory for companies looking to expand who sell these additional products. Or contact these companies about outside sales rep opportunities if they aren't represented yet in your sales region. Identify where there are new contracts just waiting to happen, and add lines based on that.

Understand the Customer’s Wine Sales

Knowing what market (palate) the wine retailer or restaurant targets helps sales reps align their sales pitch to the needs of the establishment. Also, what are the potential for added marketing opportunities such as point of sale advertising or end of aisle displays? One sales rep always kept a duster with her, noticing that keeping her brands dust free kept the subtle appearance of a popular brand - after all wine end users like “testimonials” however quiet to help make buying decisions.

...and always ask for the sale!

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