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Success in selling for manufacturers and distributors as a commission-only manufacturers sales rep involves carrying multiple lines, proactively solving customers’ problems, knowing your competition as well as the ability to give valuable market feedback. Knowing the market needs of your potential and existing customer base is important to making the most of being an independent sales rep. Where can you find lines to add to your line card that will help you make the most possible commission as an independent sales rep?

Check out these tips from RepHunter and learn how to get the most out of your wholesale and manufacturing sales rep job opportunities.

Know Your Manufacturing Clients' Market

The most lucrative opportunities in outside sales happen where manufacturers or distributors are starting to break into new markets. New markets can be either new territories, expanding into the government buying sector, or adding new products to the list a business currently orders. To grow quickly, manufacturers often depend on an outside force of independent sales reps to jumpstart sales with their knowledge of a territory and buyers ... and are used to getting paid based on performance.

As a manufacturers sales rep looking for new industrial products, or manufacturers and distributors introducing additional lines, consider what you know about the needs of your current customers. Then find the wholesale manufacturers on RepHunter.net who have products or services that can meet those needs. If you provide IT or industrial equipment to your clients, is there a missing or auxiliary product that they mention that you could add?

Leverage your customers trust in you and figure if your industrial customers have additional needs you can service? Search in your territory for companies looking to expand who sell these additional products. Or contact these companies about outside sales rep opportunities if they aren't represented yet in your sales region. Identify where there are new contracts just waiting to happen, and add product lines based on that.

Combine Your Wholesale Contacts &Selling Experience

Having a job as a wholesale sales rep for manufacturers requires B2B experience, not just that which is gained through education. That ability to understand an industry’s technical jargon or engineering specifications gained through years of relationship building with buyers is invaluable. Outside sales jobs for manufacturers and wholesale distributors, particularly those offered to independent, commission-only sales reps, lean heavily on your accumulated knowledge in your particular area. This is why sales commissions can be so lucrative.

At RepHunter, you create your sales rep or rep agency profile. Your profile sells your experience and your knowledge of your particular industrial or manufacturing sales niche. Manufacturers regularly search the profiles by keyword or industry. You can search our database to find wholesale, manufacturing sales rep opportunities - manufacturers and wholesalers have created their profiles looking for independent, commission-only sales representative like you.

Use RepHunter’s simple sales rep profile creation with the form below and sign up for free - start making profitable contacts with manufacturers today!

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