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The software industry is a competitive and lucrative field for outside sales reps that love technology, enjoy B2B sales, and embrace the adventures this global industry can provide. Finding a great line that matches your skills can boost your income and help you form a relationship with your principal that can last for years. If you are looking for software sales job opportunities, the role of a commission only outside sales representative can be among the most challenging and profitable.

How do you find software lines that help you get the most out of selling software? Read our tips below.

Do Your Research

To succeed in B2B software sales, you need to keep up with the software landscape of the industries you service. Prior to looking for a software sales job opportunity, make sure you are familiar with the business’ profile, its customer base, and preferably, how to use the software you will sell or competing software. When you know the features of a software product intimately, you’ll be able to make a sale much more easily. Do your homework and you are more likely to impress a principal as a potential outside sales rep.

Push Your Education & Experience

To succeed in selling software, you need to be intelligent, with a heavy emphasis on critical thinking and even mathematics in addition to the social skill set a good outside sales rep possesses. Prove you are a jack of all trades by emphasizing your educational experiences in business, communications, math or computer science. This is a field where masters’ degrees and MBAs are sometimes desired, so be sure to hit this area hard. Having experience in software sales is also essential in landing the software lines that are the most challenging, fun, and lucrative.

Be Upfront About Your Degree of Commitment

B2B sales in software often occur on a global level, and may require extensive international travel from software sales reps. This is not your normal 9 to 5 software sales rep job. Let the principal know whether you are willing to relocate or what territories you have developed specific expertise in. Knowing a second language can be very helpful, as well. Finding the best place to sell will help you maximize your commission.

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