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The medical supply and device industry is a very challenging and lucrative sector for the independent sales rep. It combines great communication skills with scientific dexterity and a lifelong thirst for knowledge. It can be a tough field to break into for these reasons, and if you’re an independent medical sales rep you’ve probably already had your first medical sales rep job. For you, the question is how to grow your client portfolio, develop new contacts, and leverage existing ones for maximum value and maximum sales.

Finding the Best New Medical Supply & Device Lines

As an independent sales rep, you want to find lines that work well with your pre-existing contacts and lines, and help you deepen your relationships with doctors and other medical professionals. The sales cycle in this industry is long, and requires a lot of persistence from an outside sales rep. You’ve probably had a medical sales rep job before, so you know how hard it is – a great product you can get behind is necessary for medical supply & device sales. For the independent medical sales rep, interviewing the Principal and asking hard questions about the product is really important. The sale of medical supply & device lines takes too much time and energy as an outside sales representative to not have a product you can stand behind.

Stay Up to Date & Certified

In a field as competitive as medical device and supply, you can’t just rest on a great track record, or even your relationships with medical staff. Staying informed of medical trends and maintaining certifications from bodies like the National Association of Medical Sales Representatives is important so that you stand out from the crowd looking for a medical sales rep job, or line. You’ll want to pay especially close attention to the discipline you specialize in. Selling to oncologists as an outside sales rep requires a different vocabulary and background than selling to an ear nose and throat doctor, and so on.

Be Ready for Long Hours

We all know doctors and nurses work long hours, and to sell to them you’ll have to work long hours, too. Building a territory requires a lot of commitment and making oneself available around the schedules of very busy people. To pull in as much commission as the field has to offer (and there is a great deal of possible commission to be had), you’ll probably spend a lot of time on the road, on the smartphone, and on the clock, so to speak.

For independent sales reps looking for medical sales rep opportunities, RepHunter has you covered. Use the form below to create your profile, find new medical device lines and build your enviable medical sales portfolio as an outside sales rep!

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