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The Jewelry Industry

In the jewelry industry, it is often common to carry multiple lines of products. The key is to find great lines that can help you make high commissions and that involve products and companies you love. Fortunately, at RepHunter we can help you find these commission only jewelry sales jobs, and help you get set up with great lines.

As an outside sales rep, how do you find these lines and enjoy a great career in jewelry sales? Read our tips below to find out!

Be Choosy

Taking on jewelry sales jobs is a lot of work, especially when it is an independent jewelry sales rep opportunity. You want to look for a jewelry company that will keep you supplied with a great volume of jewelry, excellent invoicing, and high quality samples. These will help you to avoid running into common problems like low inventory, billing mistakes, or confusion over the nature and craftsmanship of the product. You also want to make sure the communication flow between you and the jeweler or jewelry company suits your needs. Running out of marketing materials or being unable to hear back about supplies can put a damper on your sales production as an outside sales representative.

Emphasize Your Rolodex

To a jewelry company, the value of an outside sales rep increases exponentially depending on how many connections they have in the industry. If you want the best jewelry sales jobs / lines, make sure people know the full range of your experience. Emphasize the trade shows you have been to, the galleries you have had jewelry shown in, the shops, online and off. Give them a sense of the amount of sales you are capable of generating, the average price of the products you have sold in the past, and make sure they know your current lines won’t conflict with a new jewelry rep job. Also emphasize that you are willing to put in the hours and cold call if need be. Successful outside sales reps know the job is not like a normal 9 to 5, and a jewelry company will appreciate your willingness to pound the pavement and put in extra time for your mutual benefit.

To find great jewelry sales lines, you’ve come to the right place. RepHunter is the best way to find new lines on the internet. Sign up today for new jewelry sales job opportunities with the form below!

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