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The Giftware Industry

You love gifts and you love helping others get their amazing products to the public. Isn’t it time you found a fantastic job that matched your abilities? Finding gift sales representative jobs, or more accurately, new lines, work, and business opportunities may be easier than you think. With the upturn in the economy, you can find great gift sales lines today.

Finding New Giftware Lines

Areas and niches that a year ago didn’t have heavy business may now be a booming source of designers. However, if your information isn’t up to date on a site like RepHunter, many may not consider giving you a second look as their outside sales representative.

Expand Your Territory For More Gift Lines

If you want to increase your results and sell gift lines wholesale, try expanding your service area. Sometimes just being willing to move one state over is enough to bring clients to you. Territory is always an important consideration in looking for gift lines or lines from any other type of industry. Be sure to discuss this with the manufacturer, supplier, or service provider (or as referred to here, a "Principal").

Advertise Yourself

Advertise past achievements so your future clients get a sense of what you’re capable of as an outside sales rep in giftware sales. Talk about what companies you’ve worked with as well as what type of product you’ve successfully sold. If you don’t have much experience, look for temporary jobs that can help bolster your experience.

Consider developing a standard roadmap of what clients can expect when they start working for you. Often, clients will feel more comfortable if they know what to expect and when to expect it. At what point should clients expect a website? An online commercial? A blog? An expo? Come up with a reasonable timeline for your activities as an outside sales rep and stick to it.

When you sign up with RepHunter, you gain access to hundreds of clients that are hoping to sell their gift lines but need your help to do it. Post your profile to have potential clients seek out your expertise and proactively search for principals. As your experience and tools expand in gift sales, more and more clients will find your profile and opt to contract with you, and your gift sales rep work will increase. Get started today with the form below!

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