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The Apparel Industry

Experienced clothing sales reps know that the apparel industry offers great opportunities for the outgoing professional. There are an almost limitless number of clothing brands needing to be sold, fashions as varied and expressive as the people who will be wearing them. Fashion sales representative jobs can combine high commission with a true passion for the product or niche it’s being sold in.

With the fashion and apparel industry projected to grow over the next 5 years (the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 11% growth from 2008 to 2018 in clothing, accessories, merchandise, and apparel), the question is not just how to find a clothing line, but how to find the apparel sales representative job opportunities that fit best for you.

Evaluate Your Fashion Sales Contacts

As an apparel sales representative, you know that having contacts in the fashion world is important, and making the most sales for a new fashion line requires evaluating your existing contacts in your territory. In a job so based on socializing, your performance will be best if you’re reaching out to people you have a natural rapport with. If you don’t have a lot of contacts, but still have a high degree of interest in the product, you can attend trade or fashion shows to get your feet wet and talk with clothing manufacturers and fashion designers and other fashion sales reps about apparel sales opportunities.

Mix & Match Your Clothing Lines

To maximize your opportunity in apparel sales rep work, it’s important to reach out to the right apparel companies and mix and match clothing lines so that your product lines complement perfectly without competing. A sales trip to a department store can allow you to sell anything from shoes to organic cotton shirts to handbags to health products, all for different manufacturers. A robust business can be built by smartly surveying territory and figuring out where to fit in non-competing additional lines.

Find the Best Apparel Lines to Represent

How do you determine which apparel manufacturers, suppliers, or service providers (or as we call them, "Principals") offer the best commission, most sellable and highest quality product, and most opportunity for a successful business relationship? RepHunter maintains a database of Principals hiring fashion sales reps with detailed information about products, territories, and opportunities, in the apparel industry and many others.

RepHunter is the #1 place on the internet to find more than just an “apparel sales representative job” – RepHunter provides invaluable business development, client portfolio expanding opportunities. We connect you with highly qualified Principals with great lines for maximum professional success. Get started by registering with RepHunter for your free profile with the form below and start searching for New Lines today.

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