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The LED Lighting Industry

LED lighting is a very attractive field for outside sales reps. It presents high commission opportunities in a market that keeps growing and growing. If you are looking for LED lighting sales jobs, the best option for you may actually be a commission-only independent LED lighting sales rep opportunity.

How do you find great lines in the LED lighting industry and get into selling LED lighting? Our tips below can provide insight on the opportunities for outside sales reps in the LED lighting niche.

Keep Up With The Industry

Are you up to date on the latest technological developments in the LED lighting industry? The variety of products? The color temperatures used presently and the temperatures of the future? In a field that is growing as fast as LED lighting, getting the best lines requires knowing more than competing outside sales reps, on top of your set of sales skills. So, when you are going in for a LED lighting sales job opportunity, as an independent LED lighting sales rep, don’t be afraid to demonstrate your prowess in this space.

Demonstrate B2B Familiarity

Replacing lighting is a labor-intensive and expensive ordeal for businesses. Casinos, hotels, and restaurants are many common targets for LED lighting sales. Having a lot of experience in talking and negotiating with individuals who run these types of companies is important to making the sale as part of an LED lighting sales job.


Big deals mean big commissions for outside sales representatives, but such deals take a lot of time. Your sales and communication skills need to be top notch, and your schedule will most likely be flexible. Trade shows, conferences, and showrooms will most likely be a significant part of what you do. Building relationships are key in an LED lighting sales job, as with other types of outside sales, but the scale of the purchase will require that you put a lot of time and effort into creating that relationship and guiding it to a sale.

If you are interested in joining one of the brightest sectors in B2B sales, consider finding a LED lighting line through RepHunter! Use the form below to create your profile and search the RepHunter database to find the line that fits you.

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