Understanding Independent Sales Reps (ISR's)

The content on this page is geared toward all principals who seek to use Independent Sales Reps, sometimes known as Manufacturer's Reps. Whether you are experienced in working with Independent Sales Reps or not, this information will be of value.

Number one rule: placing ISR's is a "numbers game." That is, you may need to talk to 30 Independent Sales Reps to get one or two good ones. You should plan on playing a numbers game to get good candidates.

What are Independent Sales Reps?

An Independent Sales Rep is an independent business comprised of sales, marketing and customer service professionals and representing two or more related but non-competitive products in a well-defined territory, and compensated primarily on a commission basis for goods shipped from the principal represented. While not for all businesses, ISR's can help your company grow into new markets with a lower up-front cost.

How to use Independent Sales Reps

Placing Reps can be done in fairly simple three-step process.

  1. Find and Communicate with Sales Reps. With RepHunter’s innovative search capability, you can easily find sales reps that call on your target customers and markets and in your desired geography.
  2. Convince sales reps to represent your company and line. Reps are no different than customers, in that you need to do everything you can to create a professional impression so that the rep wants to represent you.
  3. Screening Process. Use a Letter of Intent to put your independent sales reps into a probationary period which defines your expectations from the time they accept your line to the time you expect success.

For more on placing sales reps - click here for Tips for Working with Reps.

What RepHunter® Does

We are in the business of creating communication between you and sales reps in your market. We also have a guaranteed placement program. The ultimate productivity of the rep will be up to you.

Try it for free!

Our Try Before You Buy feature offers you a no-risk way to check us out. We offer unlimited searching of independent sales rep qualifications before purchasing a subscription. This feature is intended to show you how easy it is to find candidates should you pay to subscribe. Working with ISR's takes time and not all of the relationships will generate growth. If you want to use RepHunter to grow your company, you will need to purchase a regular subscription.

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