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This function of this page has been superseded by the Search function. To search, please click on this link: Search for Principals.

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You may be used to searching our database By Industry. The purpose of the category search was to answer the question "How many Principals does RepHunter have in my industry? To find the Principals you are looking for, you need a less general and more focused method, which does not depend upon broad industry classifications.

We have found over the years that the By Industry search was confusing to our members because of the way industries are categorized and the way our members self-selected those categories. Rather than continue with the confusing and potentially frustrating feature, we have eliminated it and replaced it with the significantly more powerful search By Keyword.

Our successful members agree that seaching By Keyword is much more powerful. When searching By Keyword, you can focus on your target customers, your product lines, your territories, and a host of other characteristics. You would be able to find better results more quickly.

Some of the features of search By Keyword:

  • Use keywords to describe your customers and your products.
  • Limit searches to the exact territories you require.
  • Search for rep agencies only.
  • Sort the search results on any column (such as profile update date, city, etc.)
  • You can rapidly view all the profiles in the results using Next Profile.
  • You can save your search criteria for easy reuse.
  • You can set up Search Agents to automatically search and send you a daily email with new results.

To search By Keyword, click the button below.

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