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Unique Niche Sales Opportunity for ALL MARKETS

A great additional line to add to any current product lines you might be selling.

Sell our services and earn HUGE commissions.

We are working to recover a portion of a $6 Billion Settlement for potential clients involving Visa / MasterCard.

Your current clients (in your current rolodex) are all eligible to claim their fair share of this settlement if they accepted Visa / MasterCard at anytime since 2004.

For each client that you engage you will receive 20% of our net recovery. There is only a one page agreement required. No upfront money is ever charged to client.

Payment for service is obtained upon receipt of settlement check.

Please visit our website for more info on our business –

(We are not CC processors nor do we sell CC processing services. We strictly recover settlements for companies associated with class action litigations).

Don't Miss out on this unique opportunity of a lifetime.

Feel free to contact us directly for more detailed info or if you are interested in joining the team.

Sales Opportunity
Target Customers

Farmers, Crop, Agriculture, Grain.

Motor vehicle manufacturers, automobile manufacturers, construction vehicle manufacturers, auto parts distributors, Hospitals, diagnostic labs,  construction, construction material distributors, computer manufacturers, power tool manufacturers, cell phone manufacturers, fortune 1000 companies, Retail grocery, retail medical, retail clothing, all retail, all wholesale, all retail & wholesale merchants nationwide.

Product Lines

Class Action Claims Recovery Service engaged in recovering our clients fair share of over $6 Billion Dollars in a specific class action settlement involving Visa/Mastercard Branded Credit Cards. Make your current clients our clients by selling our recovery services. Any business who accepted Visa/Mastercard branded Credit cards from 2004 to present is eligible to recover a portion of this MULTI BILLION DOLLAR SETTLEMENT. Contact us for more info. 

Sales Opportunity

Don't pass up this offer to generate quick and easy sales. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. KNOW ANY COMPANIES THAT ACCEPTED VISA / MASTERCARD? RETAIL OR WHOLESALE? If so this opportunity is for you and its a LUCRATIVE ONE! PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BELOW.

We have been in the class action recovery business for over 13 years. We recover settlements for corporations associated with class action litigations. You will be selling our recovery services to any company that accepted Visa or MasterCard branded debit and credit cards from 2004 to present. We work completely off a contingency fee with the client. We don't ask for any money up front. We charge a 33% fee once the clients settlement is recovered. Each one page signed agreement translates to revenue for all parties.

In this particular case (V/MC) we are working to recover a portion of a $6 BILLION SETTLEMENT for all prospective clients. This is the perfect product line to add to your current book of business, regardless of what market you are in or which lines you rep. 

No personal or sensitive information from the client is required. its a very lucrative business to say the least. Sales Rep / Account Executives will be compensated with a 20% commission of the net recovery to our company and in some cases, upfront signing bonuses. Our cases and clients blanket the entire USA.

Our commissions are exceptional. It is not unusual for a Sales Rep to see 6 figures in commissions from just one settlement so long as they either have the correct connections to the qualifying parties in that market, or put forth the effort into contacting and closing the proper class of claimants. We also provide target lead lists associated with the largest eligible clients in each market and in each city, state or region. Please contact us to hear more about this unique sales opportunity.

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