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Minneapolis, MN, United States
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National Retail, Gift Shop, Tourist Retail, Sporting Good Retail, Outlet Retail.

Product Lines

MLB players baseball caps, beanies and rally scarfs. We have some stores reorders 6 times a season

NFL players beanies.

Hautman brothers camouflage hunting and fishing caps and Boxers 

Brief Insanity humor boxer shorts. Incredible sell through with 3 orders in 5 months for gift stores.

Rock Beatles Fab 4 and other rock boxer shorts and caps.

Larry the Cable Guy humor boxer shorts and undies.

Gift and Souvenir caps & boxers-state, resort city.

Fashion boxer shorts and undies. 

Sales Opportunity

This is a easy opportunity for all gift and sports reps to add a turnover product line that increases the bottom line. Our customers have demonstrated high sell thru and re-order activity especially during holidays and major events. Sales reps are the key to our success and we give them our highest priority. Communication with our reps ensures orders placed are orders delivered.

Our products have a high sell through rates

Commission rate is 15% for gift

Sports commissions 10%

Commissions paid on the 15th of every month on paid orders

We do a lot of advertising and promotions to help support rep groups.

Some examples  on boxer short line

  1. One store sold 118 boxers in the month of December.
  2. Resort gift shop In Michigan sold 500 boxers in 4 months, they are on their 3rd reorder.
  3. One customer stated “I didn’t think dumb humor would sell so well, they are my number 1 product in store. I put them in the front of store to attracted customers"
  4. “This is the greatest gift to give someone because they wear them all the time, they are so comfortable

Some examples for licensed MLB Players sports line.

  1. We have had some stores reorder 5 times in 3 months
  2. We have a USA cap made in 48 hours-MLB player Name and number to match jersey.
  3. Fans like matching jersey to the caps to connect to players on the field. It’s an integral  part of the MLB experience.
  4. The average cap collector has between 10 and 25 caps-they want to collect player caps.
  5. We delivered 30,000 caps in two days for the Chicago cubs winning the World series.
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State/Country of Home Office: Minnesota, United States
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