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Cheshire, CT, United States
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Electro-Tech industrial parts precision turned products

Contract Manufacturer of Precision Turned Components
ISO 9001:2008 certified

Automotive Electronics Firearms Computer Medical
Fiber Optics Connectors Switches Sensors
Security Hardware
Electro-Tech is seeking independent reps who can provide an accurate and intuitive portrayal of our compamy at the customer site. Our expectation is that you, as our representative, would have extensive experience in a machining environment that includes CNC turning, secondary and assembly operations, quality assurance and inspection. While you will be a part of the Electro-Tech team, you must be keenly aware of the customer's needs in order to act in a liaison capacity as necessary.
small precision machined parts, screws, pins, contacts
machine shop

Electro-Tech manufactures parts for a variety of industries that require small precision turned products. Our manufacturing specialties are in building electrical pins, contacts and assemblies, specialty pins, screws and shafts, firearm components and many other high-tech parts that require precision machining. This is done in our family owned manufacturing facility using the latest swiss style CNC turning centers.

Contact: Phone: Fax: Email: Mail:
Pete Romano, VP Sales 203.271.1976 x16 203.271.0760 Electro-Tech, Inc.
408 Sandbank Road Cheshire, CT 06410
small precision machined parts, electrical pins, contacts and assemblies, specialty pins, screws and shafts, firearm components
Sales Opportunity
Target Customers

Manufacturing, OEM, Electronic Connector  components, firearms components, Medical components, any industry  that uses Swiss style/CNC Precision components.

Product Lines

We have over 25 CNC/Citizen style Swiss Machines that can machine anything from Brass/Copper Alloys (BeCu) , Stainless Steels, Cold Roll steels, Inconel,  andTitanium.

Also machine Teflon Delrin and other plastic materials.

We have the ability to do value added work, such as assemblies, Heat treating, Plating and zone annealing

Sales Opportunity

We have been in businees for over 30 years dealing mostly in the New England/NY/NJ area.

We would like to expand our territory. This would be a great opportunity for someone because we will give you exclusive rights to a territory. Our Commissions would be a minimum of 5%

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