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Manufacturers Rep or Independent Sales Rep

Clinton, IA, United States
Industry Expertise
Target Customers

Diesel Fuel, proprietary patented Fuel product for commercial businesses; retail product lines (i.e., food; case goods; etc.); medical products (soft goods to equipment to R&D products; trade show/vendor rep (computers, RV vehicles, intangibles,)

Product Lines

I have worked with an innovative Client for over 9 years in the Diesel Fuel world.  His company, Ecochem, has developed a proprietary High Performance Clean Diesel product and ancillary processing equipment for purifying existing Diesel fuel.  I have helped open key School accounts and am developing Trucking Industry interest. I also work in the Trade Show world, helping companies exhibit their Products/Services via key floor exhibitions. Having owned a boutique advertising agency, I understand what a potential Client might need or want from another Group.

Additional Info About This Rep
Join Date: July 21, 2015
Update Date: May 25, 2024
Last Login: May 25, 2024

Year Started: 2000
Monthly Sales: 50,000 - 100,000
 Multi-Rep Agency 

Both are commission only. An Independent Rep is a single person working by themselves, while a Rep Agency has a least two reps, and sometimes many more, likely have offices with support staff, and frequently cover a wider territory or more facets of an industry than a single Independent Rep can do.

Is this a Rep agency or company with many Reps?
 Warehouses Product 

Does the Rep provide warehouse space for the products they represent?

Some principals prefer a distributor who takes delivery and ownership of products for resale.

Does the Rep have warehouse space for the products they represent?
 Services Products 

Does the Rep provide maintenance or servicing of installed products, or assist in other ways in product installation. Such servicing is of course dependant upon the nature of the product. An example might be that for an MRI machine, the vendor might require a quarterly reading from the MRI machine. This reading would be "servicing" the product.

Does the Rep provide service on the products they represent?
 Represent Services 

Typically an Independent Rep carries lines of products which are physical and tangible. A service is a non-tangible product. For example, credit card processing and web design are services. Some reps can carry lines of both products and services; other reps specialize in either one or the other.

Will the Rep represent services?
 Requires Up-Front Fee 

Why do reps sometimes ask for upfront fees? Aren't they supposed to be 100% commission?

Upfront fees may be required when the rep has to expend time and effort to build your market or your channel.

Understand that a rep cannot afford to work speculatively for long periods, such as 6 months or longer, without any compensation. Sometimes such fees are considered as advances against future commissions.

RepHunter strongly recommends that when up-front fees are involved, additional due diligence should be exercised, and that the parties sign a written contract that covers how such fees are handled.

For more information, see Tips For Working With Reps on the Training Tab.

Does the Rep require an up-front fee?
 Has References 

Rep has references from current or past principals. Upon request rep can provide them.

Does the Rep have references?

The Rep wants to sell via Canvassing or Door-to-Door.

Does the Rep sell via canvassing or door-to-door?
What is the educational level of the Rep?
What additional languages does the rep
have with business proficiency?
Contact Info
Position Title 
Alt Phone 
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Address 1 
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Zip / Postal 

Territories Covered By This Rep
  • Arizona
  • California
  • District of Columbia
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • New Jersey
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania

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