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Are you an established sales representative looking for a way to leverage existing relationships with specialty and gourmet food stores?
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Join the team at B & R Farms, a 3rd-generation, family-owned and operated apricot grower in Hollister, California with an extensive product line featuring their dried Blenheim apricots.

If you have a passion for food and excel at attracting and keeping loyal customers, this is an exciting opportunity to help this 85-year-old business develop new customers and grow its distribution.

As Senior Advisor to B & R Farms, management consulting firm JL White International is working with them to expand their sales team to fuel future growth and increase productivity.

We’re looking for ambitious, high-energy individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit and the drive to develop business through both new and existing customer relationships.

Email Jim White at to learn more about this exciting opportunity.
Sales Opportunity
Target Customers

We are looking for organized, enthusiastic and computer-savvy sales reps with exceptional customer-service skills and a passion for great food that have relationships with specialty food stores, to include but not limited to grocery chains, big boxes, gourmet food boutiques, and wine shops.

According to the Specialty Food Association and Mintel International, the specialty foods sector is thriving, experiencing nearly an 8-percent jump in annual sales over last year with 145 million people—59 percent of U.S. consumers—purchasing specialty foods in 2014.

Product Lines

B & R Farms has grown and processed the very special Blenheim apricots on their ranch in Hollister, California since 1929. This is a 3rd-generation, family-owned and --operated business.

Our extensive product line features products that are made from dried Blenheim apricots, which produce a much more intense apricot flavor. Our products include a variety of fruit preserves, chutneys, spreads, and toppings, as well as a decadent line of chocolate- and yogurt-covered apricots and dried packaged Blenheim apricots. We also have a variety of gift package options.

Sales Opportunity

The specialty food industry is growing quickly with world-wide demand for gourmet, health-conscious food choices on the rise. We are looking for a sales representative who knows the specialty food market and can provide effective account management and communication with the customer. If you have exceptional sales and customer service skills and a passion for great food, this is a great opportunity for an ambitious, high-energy individual to work with an 85-year-old company looking to expand its distribution in the USA and abroad. Your time and efforts will be focused on proactively developing new customer accounts and develop and maintain qualified leads while supporting and growing our existing customer base. Candidates should possess the entrepreneurial spirit, discipline and the drive to develop new business through existing and new customer relationships. Contact us now to discuss this exciting possibility in more detail.

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