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Principal Member - Manufacturer or Service Provider

Zhuhai, China
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Sales Opportunity
Target Customers

aluminum suppliers / window manufacturers / shower and bath manufacturers / construction contractors / HVAC manufacturers / appliance manufacturers / industry suppliers / architects / project managers / balconies and balustrades / sun rooms / any company that manufactures things / hotel construction projects / housing construction projects / fire-station construction projects / lighting / tools / appliances / home and garden supplies / toys / furniture / electric vehicles / sports gear / hunting and fishing / any and all tenders

Product Lines

doors / windows / construction / HVAC / materials / fenestration / mechanisms / decking / aluminum extrusion / shower enclosures / glass / elevator / escalator / power supplies / wiring / LED display / any and all electromechanical devices / electrical vehicles / solar systems

Sales Opportunity

We have an experienced team of engineers, quality and sourcing professionals that take client requirements and "walk through" a project from start to finish with factories. We need Sales professionals to obtain clients that would like quality parts and assemblies at competitive prices.

We offer a full 5% commission on all sales.

If you can pull in ten customers or more, such as already working with a network of customers, we will provide 7.5% commission on all sales . Negotiable and under certain understandings.

This is straight up and deposited in whatever form, banking or system you desire.

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Join Date: November 27, 2021
Update Date: December 2, 2021
Last Login: July 4, 2022

Country of Home Office: China
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