Top 10 Ways to Ensure RepHunter Will Work For You:

  1. Fully use the service. That is, proactively search our database for opportunities.
  2. Add to your "whitelist", or list of allowed senders in your email. This will help you to receive emailed Contact Requests from principals.
  3. Respond to Contact Requests from principals in a timely fashion.
  4. Ensure that your company conveys a professional impression.
  5. Understand that finding principals is a "numbers game". You must take part in enough conversations with principals seeking representation to get good new lines.
  6. Realize that not all principals will conduct themselves professionally.
  7. Understand that a principal may not be instantly interested in your representation services. That is, you may need to sell the principal on the benefits you can deliver while representing their lines, and you should be prepared to do so.
  8. Realize that principals are like good customers. That is, a certain amount of persistence coupled with patience is required to effectively establish communication.
  9. Do not feel entitled to free samples. Be willing to return samples to principals whose lines you do not accept.
  10. Use RepHunter the way it is designed to be used: post a compelling profile, and pro-actively search for principals.
  11. Know that quality sales opportunities do not come for free. That is, ensure that you have allocated the proper financial resources necessary to implement a marketing strategy on behalf of your principal's interest.