Subscriber Checklist

  1. I have listened to the RepHunter Audio Training and I know how to effectively use the service.

  2. I understand how to edit my profile and Save/Refresh to improve my visibility when reps search.

  3. I understand there are three ways to search for reps: Using Keywords, Featured Reps, and By Rep Id#.

  4. I understand how to contact reps; and I understand I will have the best results if I try to contact the full allotted number of reps in my subscription.

  5. I understand that after I receive the contact information for a rep, I should take these steps:

    • Use a method or tool for follow-up with reps (MS Outlook, ACT, etc.)

    • Telephone the rep to request contact

    • Send email to the rep with a detailed description of your sales opportunity

    • Network with all reps for additional rep contacts

  6. I understand that I can access the contact information for all reps with whom I have requested contact and for all reps who have requested contact with me on my Contact Tracking page.

  7. I have viewed your Training Tools and I am using your Tips For Working With Reps.