How to use RepHunter

  1. Use the tabs at the top of any page, or at the left when present to navigate our site.

  2. Effectively identify your Target Markets, Product Lines, and Sales Opportunity in your profile.

  3. Improve your profile to effectively communicate with reps.

  4. Search for independant sales reps and manufacturers reps in your target industry using keywords. Some examples of target industries are: pharmaceuticals, medical, clothing, and jewelry.

  5. Contact reps at a manageable rate.

  6. After receiving contact information for a rep, take these steps:

    • Call the rep to request contact.
    • Send additional email to the rep with a detailed description of your sales opportunity.
    • Network with all reps for additional rep contacts
    • Use a method or tool for follow-up with reps--programs such as MS Outlook, ACT, etc. are helpful.
  7. Track all reps you have requested contact with and all reps who have requested contact with you on your Contacts page.