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Principals: Find Manufacturers Reps and Independent Reps

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Manufacturer Sales Rep

Find Independent Sales Reps with our powerful search technology.

Principals: Find Manufacturers Reps and Independent Reps using keywords to describe your customer base, target market, and product lines

Do you want to grow your business and increase profits? You need Outside Independent Sales Representatives from!

With full control over your sales profile, it's simple to increase your visibility, update your product lines or target markets, and make other changes at any time, 365 days a year.

Our process is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3! Just post your sales opportunity on our website and interested outside sales reps will contact you!

  • Search our database for free.
  • See the Manufacturers Sales Representatives we have in your industry.
  • Increase your visbility in your industry.
  • As a subscriber to our service, you get the complete contact info on thousands of Independent Sales Reps, all seeking new product lines and guaranteed to reply.

Let RepHunter help build your sales force in any or all of these industries: Agriculture, Mining, Utilities, Construction, Manufacturing, OEM, Wholesale, Distributors, Retail, Transportation, Information, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Rental, Professional Management, Administrative & Support, Waste Management, Educational, Health Care & Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Entertainment, Recreation, Hotel & Motel, Food & Restaurant, Public Administration and others.

Ready to get started?

Just enter a keyword to the right that describes your customers' business (who your rep sells to) and click "Search for Reps".

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Explain it to me – Find Sales Reps by Keyword

On this page you will be using a keyword that for the most part finds Sales Reps that call on the right customer base.

In other words, ask yourself "who do you need your Reps to sell to?"

Please enter that keyword and press "Go".

Using more than one keyword will limit your results
  • Examples of keywords describing a market you want to sell to: retail, apparel, gift shop, medical, OEM, industrial, machine, component, auto, department store, distributor, wholesale, etc.
  • Note: do not include cities or states with your keywords. Territories are not part of the keyword field and will dramatically reduce your results.
  • Once you are registered with RepHunter, you can do an Advanced Search, which allows searching by Territories and more.
Light Bulb Search Tips
Search Tips
Enter keywords to search for reps in our database. The search looks at the portion of the rep's profile where they describe their customer base.


All Of The Words
Enter one or more words. All must be present to be included in the result. For example, the search home office will find entries with both home AND office but necessarily as adjacent words.

The Exact Phrase
Enter quotes as part of the search. For example, "home office" (with the quotes entered) will find only entries having the exact phrase home office.

At Least One Of The Words
Put a comma or "OR" between the words. Either word must be present to be included in the result. For example home, office will find entries with either home OR office. Another more complex example: home office, copier will find entries with home AND office OR copier. Likewise for copier, home office.

Word Boundaries
The search function has been enhanced so the word boundary symbols [ and ] are no longer necessary.

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Manufacturer Testimonial

Member #31917"Brenda, I thank you and for a terrific month. We have experienced some great contacts and would be thrilled to provide the following testimonial: we joined and within 48 hours had made contact with some fantastic people who we know will assist us in bringing our Boca Beth bilingual fun products into stores, schools and other institutions across the country and beyond! There is no way that as a two-person operation we could ever bring this type of exposure to established accounts in such a short amount of time. Thank you RepHunter for a fantastic and affordable opportunity to grow in sales and exposure." - Beth Butler, President Boca Beth

How It Works

  1. Search For Outside Sales Reps
    1. Click on Find Sales Reps, then click By Keyword.
    2. Enter a keyword that describes the business of the customer where you want the Reps to sell.
    3. Click View from the Search Results page.
    4. Pick the best Reps for your company.
    5. Click the Contact button for each Rep
    6. Use the contact information.
  2. Reps Find You
    1. Your profile will be visible to Reps.
    2. While your subscription is in effect, an unlimited number of Reps may contact you.
    3. You can find who is contacting you by clicking on Manage Contacts, then Respond to Contact Requests.
  3. We Give You Tips For Working With Reps
    1. The Best Way to Place Reps – A Three-Step Process.
    2. How To Create a Professional Impression
    3. Secret to Success: Patience and Persistence
    4. Don't be Cheated: Use a Letter-of-Intent
    5. How to Set Commission Amounts
    6. How to Provide Samples to Reps and Get Them Back
    7. How to Use Contracts and Exclusives
    8. What if a Rep responds "Not A Match?"