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In short we sell a consumer product through resellers, and our reps would be calling on

  1. Gift outlets - particularly ecomm 
  2. Baby product and baby gifts retailers and e-tailers
  3. Wedding products, wedding gifts - particularly ecomm
  4. Grad gifts : Year book companies / schools/ universities, colleges
  5. Genealogy product providers
  6. Seniors / retirement gifts
  7. Memorial / tribute / sympathy gifts : supplied through funeral homes / memorial products  retailers / houses of worship
  8. Medical charities / hospital gift stores / "I'm thinking of you" gifts
  9. Will writing services
  10. Travel products / retailers of gifts for travelers

Our product presents a gift option with a difference. But what about the direct benefits for our resellers?

  • For the online side of their business, we are primed to take advantage of this key selling channel with easy to implement digital assets and code – you can be set up and selling in minutes. And because this has an option to be sold purely as a digital product you only pay for the products as you sell them.
  • As store and warehouse rents rise, digital products minimize cost and generate more freedom to choose other gifts for your range. To further assist, we offer generous consignment stocking, so you gain all the impact of a truly unique product with minimal upfront outlay — and no tricky decisions about capital. Our product takes up minimal shelf space, yet it opens up a world of personalization way in excess of most any gifts you see in most stores. You’ll find its attractive packaging adds allure to your shelves, displays, advertisements and presentations. Take advantage of consignment stocking so storage space remains free of clutter.
  • We offer attractive resell margins, and our range of products will appeal to a broad cross section . For $79, here’s a modest gift, well within the reach of most pockets. For customers sparing no expense on their much-loved family member, $1500 delivers a top-of-the-range gift.
Product Lines

Our product is a gift unlike any other. It's an experience. Built on unique technology and made in the USA, you won’t find anything else like it on the market.  Its a next generation evolution – creating an exciting new category.

Everyone in the gift industry knows that consumers are on a very particular purchasing mission. All that’s needed to satisfy them are quality gifts blending universal appeal with a distinctly personal touch that’s perfect for the special person in their life. This way, you can make a desirable offer to everyone who walks through your door.

With the right product, this is the ace in your hand.

This product is a timeless gift, perfect for all landmark occasions - births, grads, weddings, retirement, milestone birthdays. The range will appeal to a broad cross section of consumers, which makes it a product with so much potential. For $79, here’s a modest gift, well within the reach of most pockets. For customers sparing no expense on their best friend or much-loved family member, $1500 delivers a top-of-the-range gift with a difference with incredible convenience and exceptional quality.

Think for a moment about WHO consumers will be buying gifts for.

Could be Sam ... could be Susan.

So what if Susan just married the love of her life? Or what if Susan is a beloved 3yo her family simply adores? Did Susan just graduate? Land a great new job? Or is next month her Bar Mitzvah? Maybe Susan is a much-loved great-grandmother whose tales of days gone by always fascinate?

If your resellers consumer knows any of these people, our product makes the perfect gift. Here’s a great way for their customers to say Thank You to family and friends.  It also makes a  thoughtful sympathy and “I’m thinking of you gift” , 

And a fabulous product for

  • discerning travelers
  • family history hobbyists
  • memorials
  • artists & authors

Consumers will return to purchase this product again and again.

Sales Opportunity

This is a huge market for one product to serve. That’s because our product is niche, but our potential reach is massive.

Wheels turning already? You might make a great rep.

Here’s an inspiring and lucrative rep program....


Strong relationships with potential customers matter and are often built on decades of trust. We value  this. Want exclusivity? We prefer a named account approach, but we are open to geographic / vertical agreement.


Spend just 10 minutes trying our income modeler – and you will see the potential of building a great business with us, one that will last for years.  

With 10% uncapped commission, and 10 different products which earn $6.90 to $150 per unit in fees, earning has never been easier! Customers are yours for as long as you work with us.


As an ex global brand director of a FTSE 100 we understand what our reps want and need.

You know your most profitable and exciting product lines are the ones that offer solutions to real problems. We deliver this. We understand consumer motivations and reseller interests and have a set of training and sales tools ready for you to be up and running quickly

  • A rep portal – providing everything you need – from compelling presentation tools, price sheets, brochures, product demos, quote tools and more
  • Personal online training
  • Bi-weekly online growth sessions
  • Online internal chat lines for instant support

Our rep contracts are ready to go for you to e-sign today


If you need a boost to your commissions or have your own audience, evergreen and seasonal offers  always generate interest. We’ll deliver the assets needed to capture the attention of your audience. From evergreen digital assets to seasonally-themed promotional creative.

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